My White Whale: 1993 Clark Kent - Kawasaki XR-Ti Serial #1

Hi have a NOS titanium Rock Shox fork, and a set of Mavic wheels with Pulstar hubs (thanks Martin @kiwideturin ) on the way! Yay! If anyone has some of the missing parts I need please let me know.
A pristine wheelset from Martin @kiwideturin in France arrive this past week; thank you so much! That solves one piece of the puzzle. These are the correct Mavic rims and Pulstar hubs Kawasaki calls out in their press release. I also tried getting NOS XTR brakes, and the other Shimano drive train bits but failed as the underbidder for all the lots on Ebay. They will come in time. Some of the Ebay prices are just bananas at the moment!


That is something really different. Ever make it into MBA or similar?
Hi John, Sorry I missed your post above. I have let to research if these Kawasaki bikes made it into MBA or other magazines in late 1993 or 1994. Does anyone have copies from that time period? The next time I get out to the Mountain Bike Museum in Marin, CA I will try to research this in their library.