For Sale MASSIVE CLEAROUT Sale - lots of goodies - syncros, raceface, avid ultimiate, titanium, etc!!!


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Wow, can't believe it's been 3 years already when i posted this Canada Day photo!!! 😲


with a heavy heart, due to recent circumstances and events, i've finally decided to downsize my hoard of bikes, as well as accumulation of parts for future builds that will never be. but i'm doing this in hopes of accommodating life style changes and moving forward with the next phase in my life in doing more by having less. i have no regrets in the decade or so, as this hobby has brought me many rewards from this community. from the hunt for the elusives and the bargains, the anticipation and excitement of the build, and the fulfillment of project completions. but most importantly the sharing with the like minded individuals all around the world. but sadly i must face it's time to close the curtain to the era to allow me to move on to different pastures.

this thread will be a work in progress as i go through items and add or update as needed. some things will be harder to part with, if at all, so will be listed last as i grapple with challenging decisions. bikes will also come at a later date and will probably be separate thread(s).

now on with the show!

Detailed pics of everything should be in the shared gallery linked below in order of listing


Shipping is extra at cost from Ontario, Canada. Please kindly post here and follow up with a PM if interested, THX!

Panaracer Magic front/rear wire bead. excellent condition, minimal wear, label on front partially scrubbed off and also slightly yellow compared to rear - $200

Syncros seatpost 27.0x425 - $125

Syncros seatpost 31.6x425 - $125

RaceFace XY 27.0 excellent condition - $85

RaceFace XY 26.8 w/ red hardware - $95 SOLD!

RaceFace XY 26.8 good condition, 30mm shortened - $50

Syncros seatpost 27.0x330 - $125

Syncros seatpost 27.2x425 - $160 SOLD!

Syncros seatpost 27.0x425 - $180 SOLD!

Syncros seatpost 1st gen 26.8x330 - $200

Syncros seatpost 2nd gen 27.2x330 - $200

NOS ControlTech canti brakes, black - $550

Syncros Cattlehead 1-1/8" 0-5x135 - $90

Syncros hinged Cattlehead 1-1/8" 15x130 - $90

Syncros gunmetal Cattlehead w/box 1-1/8" 10-15x130 - $110

Syncros titanium seatpost 26.8x310 (10mm shortened) - $200

Syncros titanium seatpost 27.2x320 - $220 SOLD!

Avid Ultimate SD red canti brake levers - $350

Avid Ultimate SD black v-brake levers - $300

NOS Shimano M737 SPD pedals only w/ box - $220 SOLD!

Ibis titanium mountain quill stem, elusive 25.4mm bar clamp, 1" 120x0 - $350

Rock Shox SID x2 w/ o-ring service kit, 190mm & 180mm, both tested to hold air & compress/rebounds - $200 SOLD!

Tioga titanium 8spd cassette - $230 SOLD!

Tioga titanium 8spd cassette - $230

ActionTec titanium triple compact 94/58BCD 42t-32t-22t - $400 SOLD!

Titanium cantilever brake pad eyelet bolts - $50

Joe’s cantilever - $220

NOS IRC MythosXC K tires - $70 each

Shimano XTR M950 + Mavic 217 SUP “sunset” rims + M952 cassette wheelset - $450 SOLD!

NEW Panaracer Smoke/Dart Classic amber tires - $135 pair

BNIB ODI Attack grips, green and pink - $55 each

NOS ODI Assault grips, yellow and red - $45

17" Rocky Mountain Experience, with DX front and rear derailleurs. also includes custom black with white shadow reproduction full decal set, professionally produced by yours truly, 2x head/seat tube RM logos, 2x top tube Experience, 2x down tube Rocky Mountain - $230

Syncros seatpost 30.4x330 - $150

Syncros seatpost 31.6x330 - $115 SOLD!

Oury grips - $25 new in bag, $20 loose

RaceFace Turbine IB w/ RF standard chainrings - $250

RaceFace Turbine IB w/ RF bash + standard Envy middle/inner chainrings - $280

2x Merlin Titanium / Pearl Izumi jerseys size M, left - slight fade but excellent, right very good with some pilling/pulls on right sleeve. - $95 each/$180 both - SOLD!

2x Ringle H2O bottle cages, black, very minor wear on a few edge areas - $70 each SOLD!

Ringle H2O bottle cage, red very minor wear on one edge areas - $70 SOLD!

3x RaceFace Turbine RS bottom brackets, 107x68/73, 107x68, 120x68/73 - $80 each

4x NOS ODI Attack Shock Boots - $30 each

Onza CWA pro cut bar ends - $30

ControlTech stubby stix, ano blue - $40

NOS BNIB ControlTech EA-70 handlebar - $130 SOLD!

NOS Syncros silver standard 48T chainring - $150

Mavic M231 36h, nice condition minimal wear of ano finish - $55 SOLD

3x Mavic 230 SBP silver 32h, top one possibly NOS with shop wear, 2nd very minimal rim brake wear, 3rd & 4th unlaced built up set, 3rd light rim brake wear, 4th extra if wanted, true but has two flat spots - $180 SOLD!

2x Sun CR17a 32h, mismatched decals, brake wear to rims but surface is flat - $60 SOLD!

NOS Zoom Brahma bar, silver - $65

Tioga Avenger OS quill stem, 1-1/8" 110mm 15 rise - $35

ControlTech seatpost, 26.8mm - $65

ControlTech quill stem, 1-1/8" 130x5 mint, possibly NOS with slight paint blemish at back - $70

ControlTech stem, 1-1/8" 130x0 w/ face plate - $65

Control Tech stem, 1" 135x0 - $30

i have a few more items listed in an older thread here:

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