@retrobikeguy's 1990 Zinn "Project Flowers" takes the win for September with 22% of the votes. Check out the poll here
The August 2021 'Bonded Special' Bike of The Month contest was taken byRonezwun’s 1990 Valley Runner Carbon 100th anniversary edition. Check the poll here:)
Another top drawer build from 44Racing sees another win in the Retrobike Bike of The Month contest. The April 2021 result went to 44Racing's 1994 Kona Hei Hei from very stiff competition. Check the poll here.
Another from the BoTM archives. 24pouces 1993 Boulder Defiant Ti took the September 2018 Bike of The Month 'Suspension Special' contest in some style. Check the poll here.
The review of archive Bike of The Month contests continues here at Retrobike HQ. The October 2020 contest was taken by 44Racing's 1993 GT RTS-2 which has been built to be a replica of his 1994 / 95 race bike. The build thread can be found here, poll here.
Big BoTM news for May 2021......the competition will be sponsored by Terra One Tyres and, to follow the design remit of the Rider T1 tyre, the theme will simply be "1988 or earlier" For this month only, previous competition winners and bikes that have already entered in a normal, and/or special month may be entered again. For those who don't already know, the man behind saving your vintage show rubber, and Terra One Tyres, is Retrobike member @thekidmalone, aka Terrance. Terrance has worked...
Tom’s Yeti beat a field of 14 to win the March Bike of the Month competition, with over 20% of the votes
Bike of The Month November 2020 was jointly won by Iveto1983’s 1990 Merlin Titanium. Check the poll here, you know it's a super strong month when there are Ibis, Salsa, Curtlo and two other Merlin in the runner's up spot.
Bike of The Month November 2020 was jointly won by Prezza’s 1990 Muddy Fox Trailblazer Sprint. Check the thread in reader's bikes here. Also...please don't mention the word 'gravel' ;)
Working back through the BoTM contests currently, we now find ourselves at December 2020. The winner is 44Racing’s 1994 Pace RC200 F3, an exceedingly classy build and very worthy winner. Fans of everything square tubed should check out 44Racing's build thread in the forum.
Jimi911’s 1989 Merlin Titanium with the always fresh red z-max takes the Jan 2021 Bike of The Month contest, poll here.
Another classic Bike of The Month contest saw Wtb_rider’s 1993 Brodie Catalyst take the honours, check the thread out here :)
The January 2018 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Jimi911's c1986 Serotta Adirondack.
The December 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Jimi911's 1985 Mountain Goat Trials.
The November 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by WTB_Rider's 1993 Salsa Ala Carte.
The September 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by mishmash69's 1994 Raleigh SP Torus FS.
The October 2017 road Bike of The Month October 2017 contest was taken by Montello's Pinarello Montello. The winner received an excellent t-shirt from Bob at http://www.bethevulture.co.uk - check them out.