Cleaning out my closet (Brodie, Cannondale, GT, Pace...)


Dirt Disciple
Detailed photos of all parts to be found in my photo album.
Of a few items I have not made any photos yet - simply request it if required!

Magura HS77 Brake Pads, 4pcs. NOS, 40€
Shimano 105 CS-HG70-9, 9-speed (12-2:cool:, just about 200km ridden, 25€
Shimano Dura-Ace RD-7401 (6-7 Speed SIS), MINT in box, 85€

Yeti bike shorts, DeMarchi, XL, used, with slight pilling traces, 25€

Dia Compe 987 Cantilever Complete Set Front + Rear, silver, uncomplete (not pictured), 10€
Kule DH-Blade Levers Pair for Kule Khamaeleon Lever Set, yellow, NOS NIB 3€
Marinovative Cheap Trick, complete set Front + Rear, Alu raw, de-anodized, with partial damage (crack in one brake arm, but still usable), 110€
Shimano Deore DX BR-M651 Cantilever Complete Set Front + Rear, silver, NOS NIB, 40€
Shimano Deore LX BL-M601 brake lever left hand side, 8€
Shimano Deore XT ST-M092, left hand part of brake-shift-combo, completely disassembled, functionality unclear, 8€

BBB VeeStop V-Brake Brake Pads threaded studs, 2 pcs., 5€
KoolStop Eagle Claw Cantilever Brake Pads, 4 pcs., non-threaded studs, grey, 18€
KoolStop Eagle Claw Cantilever Brake Pads, 4 pcs., threaded studs, black, 18€
OMT Titanium Brake Disc 4-hole NOS 15€
Paul Moon Unit incl. clamping screws (not pictured), 2 pcs., purple, NOS, 28€
Ritchey Logic Cantilever Brake Pads (by KoolStop), threaded studs, 4 pcs., red, NOS need to be cleaned, 25€ - RESERVED
Shimano Deore XT M70 Cartridge Cantilever Brake Pads, 4 pcs., non-threaded studs, 20€
Winwood Polybrakes, Cantilever Brake Pads, 4 pcs., grey, NOS NIB, 25€

Mavic 117 S.U.P. CD CERAMIC, 36h, 2 rims, NOS, 150€
Mavic 117 S.U.P. CD, 32h, single rim, without decal, very few mileage - mint brake flanges, opposite to photo dismounted form wheel, 45€
Ritchey Rock 415E, 32h, single rim, 15€

Cannondale Pepperoni, 11/4 x 205mm Ahead, taken out of a 1994 Killer V 3000 model, bead blasted, with some rub/grinding marks just below the crown race, 45€
GT BMX 24" Pro Series Cruiser Fork 11/8 x 165mm Ahead, chrome, 95€
Pacific 1¼ x 186mm Threaded, 20€

Answer Manitou IV, 11/8 x 131mm Threaded (threading slightly damaged), VGC, Elastomers need to be renewed occasionally, 90€
Pace RC-35 fork crown with steerer tube from FUNK made of Titanium, 1¼ x 225mm Threaded, fork crown is missing the screws for clamping the standpipes, 70€
Pace RC-35 MXCD bundle, what you see is what you get, 50€
Pace RC-36, contrary to the pictures without fork crown and steerer tube, 100€
Rock Shox Indy S (?) black, Elastomers (yellow transparent) top, without fork crown/steerer tube assembly, 15€
Rock Shox Mag 20 (?), 11/8 x 170mm threaded, early model with old brake arch and fork crown, oil film an missing philips screw on left adjustment knob, 80€
Rock Shox Quadra lowers, 5€

Answer Manitou Dust Seal Covers (for models III, IV, EFC), 8€
ATI Suspension Shock Boots for Manitou (III), 10€
ATI Suspension Shock Boots for Manitou (III, IV, EFC), 10€
Dia Compe Fork Mounted Cable Hanger, 10€
Marzocchi Suspension Fork Cable Hanger, 10€
No Name Cantilever Fork Mount Cable Hanger, pewter, NOS, 5€
No Name Cantilever Fork Mount Cable Hanger, schwarz, NOS NIB, 5€
TWP Cantilever Brake Arch for Rock Shox Judy, red ano, NOS, 60€

Race Face Turbine RS 68-73x113mm NOS NIB, 80€ - RESERVED
Ritchey BB spindle CrMo, 68x120mm, black, NOS, 10€
Shimano Deore LX BB-UN53, 68x113mm, 9€
Shimano XTR BB-M950 73(?)x116mm, running traces on a cone, one seal is missing, cleaned & disassembled, 20€
Tune Titanium, 109mm, silver-titanium, BSA 1,37 X 24T, 70€

Shimano 48t-38t-28t, Standard (110 / 74 BCD) Biopace SG, Stahl, 20€
Shimano Deore LX, 42t-32t-22t, Compact (94 / 58 BCD), Hyperdrive C, 30€

FSA Afterburner, 36t, Standard (110 BCD),10€
FSA Afterburner, 24t, Standard (74 BCD), 10€
No Name, 32t, Compact (94 BCD), steel, black, 5€
No Name, 26t, Standard (74 BCD), silver, 10€
No Name, 24t, Standard (74 BCD), steel, black, 5€
Performance 44t, Compact (94 BCD), 10€
Race Face, 46t, Standard 110 BCD), (a), 20€
Race Face, 46t, Standard 110 BCD), (b), 20€
Race Face 36t, Standard (110 BCD), 20€
Race Face 34t, Standard (110 BCD), 20€
Race Face 34t, Compact (94 BCD), 8spd, 20€
Race Face 26t, Standard (74 BCD), NOS, 30€
Race Face 24t, Standard (74 BCD), 20€
Real 46t, Compact (94 BCD), 20€
Shimano Deore LX 32t, Compact (94 BCD), 10€
Shimano Deore LX 22t, Compact (58 BCD), 10€
Shimano Deore XT 48t, Standard (110 BCD), Biopace SG, NOS NIB, 40€
Shimano Deore XT 46t, Standard (110 BCD), SG, black, 20€
Shimano Deore XT 46t, Standard (110 BCD), SG-X, silver, 20€
Shimano Deore XT 32t, Compact (94 BCD), Interglide, 15€
Shimano Deore XT 22t, Compact (58 BCD), Interglide, 15€
Specialities TA Zephyr, 38t, Standard (110 BCD), black, 10€
Specialities TA Zephyr, 36t, Standard (110 BCD), silver, 5€
Spot Brand, 34t, Standard (110 BCD), 10€
SR Sakae, 50t, Standard (110 BCD), 20€
SR Sakae, 38t, Standard (110 BCD), 20€
Sugino 42t, Compact (94 BCD), 10€
Sugino 22t, Compact (58 BCD), 10€
Sugino 20t, Compact (58 BCD), 10€
Sugino (?) 39t, Road (130 BCD), matt silver, NOS, 17€

Cook Bros Repro Dust Caps, silver, NEW, 35€
Topline Dust Caps, pewter, NOS, 55€

Biogrip grips, shortened, open to both ends, 3€
Plastiche Cassano Ergo Ring Italo grips semi-transparent (746 MTB Single Color Grips), 5€
Profile Design grips, black-grey, open to both ends, 5€
Rocky Mountain Logo grips, shortened for usage with twist shifters, open to both ends, 10€
Yeti grips, open to both ends, right grip damaged by cut, 5€

Shimano Deore LX HB-M563 / FH-M565 + Mavic 221 (gold-champagne), 32h, 70€
Shimano Deore LX HB-M563 / FH-M565 + Alesa X-Plorer (silver), 32h, 50€
Shimano Deore XT HB-M737 / FH-M737 + Sun CR18 (DT Swiss spokes), from MY 1995 RM Blizzard, 32h, 90€
Shimano STX RC 8S FH-MC38 / Joytech + Vuelta/Rodi Airline S (silver), 36h, 30€

GT Bullbar silver, with score in claping area, sold as defect / for showbike only, 5€
Race Face Air Alloy, silver, 45€
Ritchey WCS Barends, 5€
Syntace B1 Ultralight Barends, purple, NOS, 10€

Bees hubset, 32h, 100mm/135mm, NOS, 240€
Edco Competition hubset, 32h, 100mm/148mm, VGC, 75€
GT BMX Pro Race Lace Low Flange, 2nd Gen. hubset, 32h, hollow axle, sealed bearings, flip flop (ISO + metric), NOS with minimal shop wear, 160€
GT Hadley hubset, 32h, 100mm/135mm, silver, VGC, 190€

No Name XC-Pedals 20€
Shimano PD-M505 MTB SPD Pedals, 9€

Cannondale Beast of the East frame + Pepperoni fork, MY 1993, Size 22", frame bead blasted, fork polished, fork with little ding, 180€

Brave end caps for Schrader valve "Iron Cross", black-white, NOS NIB, 10€
Brave end caps for Schrader valve "Skull + Bones", chrome, NOS NIB, 10€
Continental Avenue Semislick 26x1.3 Brownwall Pair, mint condition, 40€
Continental Canius 26x2.0 Brownwall Pair NOS NIB, 70€
Ritchey Z-Max Severe Condition 26x1.9, single tire, 15€
Speed Patch Glueless Patches, NOS NIB, 6€

Shimano Deore XT CS-M737, 8-speed (11-2:cool:, 40€
SunRace, 7spd (12-2:cool:, 7€
Suntour XC Pro MD, 8-speed (11-2:cool:, NOS, 50€

SDG S7000 Titan Kevlar, painted black, original color red, mint, 25€
Selle Italia Flite Alpes Kevlar, MY 1996, 49€
Selle San Marco Bontrager Titan T 202 nerogiallo MY 1997 NOS, 45€

Sachs Powrérgrip Wavey twist shifters with grey grips, 3/8spd 20€

Sachs Quarz, VGC, 50€
Shimano Deore LX RD-M567 (8-speed), 10€
Shimano XTR RD-M900 NOS with red ano CNC pulleys with industrial bearings, 190€

No Name Skewers-Set CNC red ano NOS 15€
Shimano Skewers-Set, later model, NOS, 15€

Marwi USA 36x Titanium Spokes 261mm "TiDye" + aluminum nipples + assembly paste, NOS NIB, 80€

Chris King, No Logo, 11/8 Ahead, silver, 120€
Club Roost Expander Wedge Cap 1/18 silver NOS, 10€
Onza Mongo II Headset 11/8 Threaded silver NOS NIB, 90€
Primax Headset 1" Threaded, 40€
Primax Headset 1¼ Needle bearings, Threaded NOS, lower cup parts uncomplete, 18€
Race Face Real Seal, copper, 11/8 Threaded NOS, 65€
Rudelli Headset 11/8 Ahead with Micro Fixing Plug, NOS NIB, bearing cone possibly not original, 25€
Shimano Deore XT HP-M742 1¼ Threaded, 22€
Stronglight X16 Headset 11/4 Needle bearings,Threaded pewter NOS, 45€
Ventura Headset, 11/8 Ahead, roller bearing, 20€

Sachs New Success DP 31.8mm, 20€
Sachs Quarz, TP with fram clamping bracket, 30€
Shimano Deore LX FD-M566 DP 31.8mm, 15€
Shimano Deore XT FD-M732 DP 30.0mm NOS, 2x available, per piece, 15€
Shimano Deore XT FD-M735 DP 31.8mm, 25€
Shimano Deore XT FD-M737 DP 31.8mm, 20€
Shimano Deore XT FD-M739 DP 31.8mm, 20€
Shimano XTR FD-M900 TP 28.6mm NOS, 75€
Suntour XC Pro, DP 31.8mm, without clamp screw, NOS, 50€
Vivo GrungeGuard Derailleur Boot, black, NOS NIB, 2x available, per piece, 10€

Answer A-TAC 11/8 x 135mm 0° Ahead, black, 50€
Rocky Mountain 11/8 x 145mm 5° Ahead, off MY 1995 RM Blizzard, silver, 15€

Humpert 1¼ Aluminum silver 5€
Syncros Cattleprod 11/8 x 150mm 3° black mint, once mounted, minimal shop wear, Decals top, 45€

Jürgen Beneke / Team Barracuda autographed card, 10€

All Prices excl. shipping from Germany! If interested please contact me per PM and ask for shipping quote to your location!

Swap offer welcomed! I am still searching for the following items:
AC Brake Arch for Rock Shox Judy
AC Brake Arch for Rock Shox Mag
AC fork crown for Rock Shox Judy, 11/8 x 210mm or longer
AC fork crown for Rock Shox Mag, 11/8 x 210mm or longer
Avid Supreme Arch Disassembly Tool
BMX Mid School 24" Pro Race Cruiser Handlebar chrome
BMX Mid School Inverted Cruiser Stem 11/8 Ahead
BMX Mid School rim set 24 x 1.75, 36h, chrome or silver polished
Brodie Gatorblade
Brodie Expresso/Sovereign frameset size 21"
Brodie Rodie Road frameset size 20" or taller
Chris King 11/8 ThreadSet "No Logo", black, old version with wider cups
Chris King 11/4 ThreadSet "No Logo", black or silver, old version with wider cups
Crupi Pedals 9/16
DT Hügi hubset titanium
DT Hügi rear hub, black, 32h, 135mm
Enduro Seals for Rock Shox Judy
Enduro Seals for Rock Shox Mag
Grafton ReEntry Levers black
Grafton MTB pedals
GT LTS bearing kits NOS
Kona Track Two fork
Onza Mongo 11/4 NOS
Race Face Air Alloy handlebars copper, green, blue, black
Race Face aheadset (Real Seal-predecessor)
Race Face Real Seal, green, blue
Reset Blue Seals for Rock Shox Judy
Ringle Twister QR skewer set front + rear silver
Ritchey Cantilever brake pads 4pcs. NOS or as new
Rock Shox Judy SL Aluminum Crown/Steerer 11/8 x 230mm Ahead or longer
Rocky Mountain Blizzard frame (MY either before 1992 or 1994) in size 21"
Shimano Deore XT PD-M730 NOS or VGC
Shimano Deore XT RD-M735 Rear derailleur short cage NOS
Shimano XTR SL-M950 shifters 8spd NOS
Shimano XTR FC-M950 crankset 175-180mm NOS
Shimano XTR RD-M950 rear derailleur NOS
Strange brake front + rear
Syncros seat post 1st-2nd Gen. 27,2 x 425mm
Syncros seat post 2nd-4th Gen. 27.4 x 425mm


Dirt Disciple
Re: Re:

JaEdBa":hn8efwem said:
Shimano Deore XT ST-M095 Brake-Shift-Combo, VGC, 55€

what would postage to uk be please?

Shipping to UK with DHL is either 8,90€ uninsured or 16,99€ insured + tracking no.

Best regards,


Retro Guru
Re: Miscellaneous Parts NOS + used

Interesting in Shimano Deore LX BR-M565 Cantilever Complete Set Front + Rear, black
Would you mind to swap with Shimano XTR M952 front derailleur (either top-swing or down-swing, both top-pull, 34.9 clamp, very good conditions, photo available on request)?


Old School Hero
Re: Rock Shox Quadra 21 R.

Hello. I'm Interested in this item but i don't know what it is i am looking at. What condition are they in & why are there elastomers in the photo? Have you replaced them with new ones?
Do you have some more info about them?
Richard Lees.


Dirt Disciple

Hi Richard,

I assume you refer to this link:
The Quadra 21R is the adjustable elastomer-suspended counterpart to the oil/air-suspended Mag 21. The elastomers shown in the pictures are the original ones as far as I know (the fork has been taken from a 1996 GT LTS-2 serial bike) and they are still functional.


Senior Retro Guru
Re: Miscellaneous Parts NOS + used

Ola friendly retrobiker
yes please
Syntace B1 Ultralight Barends, purple, NOS, 10€


Old School Hero
Re: Rock Shox Quadra 21 R.

Hello again, thanks for the reply. What was the purpose of removing the elastomers from the fork legs? In your honest opinion, what is the condition of these forks? Are they going to need a rebuild after one season or should they hold up longer? Is it possible to buy a rebuild kit for them?
Best Regards,
Richard Lees.