Forgot to post this one up the last time we held a 98+ BoTM competition. 18 bikes were entered and @wadsy managed to haul in over 40% of the votes. Martin is the custodian of this former Phillip "Pipmeister" Mock owned Kona. For those that don't know, Pip was one of the resident Kona gurus here on Retrobike, and all round lovely bloke, who sadly passed away last summer. Pip's fleet of Konas are now spread across the retro community, and are documented in this thread The 2010 Kilauea is a rare bird, and you can read more about @wadsy's bike in his build thread. Also check out Kona ambassador @al-onestare's write up on the Kona-cog here RIP PIP
Big congratulation to @staffy for holding off @racecarjohnny's Brave and crossing the line in top spot. Do check out his build thread where you can see the significant transformation take place. Other might have sent it to the scrap heap, so hats of to Staffy for taking on the challenge. Here's the completed build, followed by a before shot. You can see the other entries and the poll results here and here.
@Dimas won the June 2022 competition with this stunning P21, complete with Ritchey WCS build kit, and he came out on top of a very tight Bike of The Year poll, securing top spot with 14.5% of the votes. Only 3 votes split the top 4 bikes, so it really was very close. You can see the poll results and all the entrants here and see the build thread for the bike here. For your convenience, and pleasure, here are a few more pics of the Retrobike Bike of The Year for 2022.....
Jim's meticulous rebuild of Don Myrah's 1990 Fat Chance race bike took the crown for December. The frame has all kinds of little features that you'd hope for from a team rider's bike, and was a truly bespoke frame. Here's a pic of the finished article, followed by on old image of Don, astride the actual bike, alongside Ned "The Lung" Overend. Here's a link to Jim's full build thread, where you can see the bare frame as acquired https://www.retrobike.co.uk/threads/the-myrah-fat-chance-is-done.430458/page-4
November was an 'Amnesty Special', where people got another chance to enter a bike that had tried, and failed, previously. If you take look at the line-up you'll probably be surprised that many of them hadn't already won; a testament to the standard of bikes on the site. We got a bumper crop of 27 entries but, as usual, there can be only one. @My_Teenage_Self took the crown with his 1994 Lotus, kitted out with a Pace fork and an XTR groupset. Almost 30 years ago this was a real head turner, and nothing much has changed!
@Spaltinho's Grove came out on top of a 14 strong field this month, with 18% of the votes. You can read more about the bike in the build thread, where you can also see a Grove X frame, with an amazing glow in the dark paint finish. You can check out the full list of entries in the poll thread. To read more about Bill Grove and Grove Innovations check out this excellent post on forum member @mkozaczek's Second Spin Cycles blog
In case you haven't seen it in the classifieds, Retrobike snoods are available to order. We've teamed up with Giraffe UK, with artwork provided by our own @gil_m, of The Cycle Shed and the snoods will be available in blue and black. For more information, and to order yours, please check out the for sale post here I will be contacting Giraffe UK with final numbers on Friday so please get your name down by 0800 on Friday the 7th of October 2022
It was great to see something a little less well known take the win for July. @Si_33's Moulton came out on top of a small but strong field, which included a Yeti Ultimate, a Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer and a Klein Attitude, to name just a few. The AM-ATB raked in over 21% of the votes, which is no mean feat. You can read more about the bike in Simon's build thread here and can see all the bikes entered this month on the poll thread. Dan Farrell, Moulton's technical lead, talks a little about the AM-ATB in an interesting post on the blog of The Traditional Cycle Shop back in 2017.