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Don't think I've posted this before - my Andy Powell. Mr Powell is the chap who made Overbury's mountain bikes.

I'm guessing its a early to mid eighties frame. Nice lugs, nice ride and is 20.6 lbs as pictured. Not sure what steel - 27.2 seattube and quite pingy. The intention was to put a Suntour Superbe group on it, but it works pretty well as is, and I haven't bothered.

AP 014 by Petrelbooks, on Flickr

AP 004 by Petrelbooks, on Flickr

AP 011 by Petrelbooks, on Flickr


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I took this out for a jaunt on Saturday, and it was a blast (although given the state of the roads, I'd have been better off on an Overburys).

The hills seem to get steeper each time, so I may have to swap that chainset for a 130 BCD one. If I do, I'll let you have it Shaun.


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Midlife":1eb7rd44 said:
..........can I buy that chainset please, pretty, please :)


Then you can always drill the existing holes larger :D


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mrkawasaki":c997gi2m said:
Lovely - let me know if you ever sell - the perfect partner to my Andy Powell ATB.

Think I'm going to hang on to this one, but I remember your ATB - one of the early ones in green? It would be cool to post a pic of it here if you have one handy, they're probably contemporaries.

Come to think of it, if there isn't one already, we should have a thread showcasing road/mtb siblings.