1984 Andy Powell Overbury's of Bristol


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felixdelrio":ech711rp said:
uber cool, Neill!

a bit big, eh?!

Thx Felix - we're still loving the same bikes even when they're not EOS... :)

This 23" frame is a great fit for me (at 6'2"+), as JV intimates, it's a formative part of their (as yet unestablished in 1984) 'Classic' range and shares similar geometry/dimensions with my Ritchey (although being a 1989 model - it has 1980/1 geometry). BTW all other information (about 501 etc) was provided to me by the seller.

My Pioneer, however, is a tad too small for me, hence I play around with drop bars to get comfortable. It doesn't seem so bad being a short wheelbase, sloping top tube design IMHO.

Looking forward to discussing these bikes with the builder in Bristol soon.

Mr K

PS. I think this ad is from 1989 - although I have never seen a 'Wlidcat'...


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That advert - my frame has all the makings of an Overbury's 'Classic' range... theres so many similar frames, espesh pre saracen

Should I be getting excited? Lugs and rear drop-outs match the Guv's...

need to know where the serial number lives.

sorry to harp on, I just want to know.:roll:



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Taking the AP out to Buxton on the morrow for 'The (Frozen) Chicken Chaser'... first run since it's OW paddock duties in sunny Betws y Coed - sublime to the ridiculous, weather-wise. :roll:


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I have a AP mtb from the 80s purchased for £350 and still have the original receipt. It's 21" in red, 501 tubing with Shimano equipment and is completely original except for bars and stem which were replaced with Tioga items.Originally bars/stem were a one piece chromed steel item which unfortunately I now cannot find.
It is in excellent condition and still in recent use but due to space restrictions now has to go. Anybody have any ideas how much I should ask for it ??

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Welcome to RB

You'll need to re post over in this "chat forum" as theres a sub section
Within it for evaluations "how much is my XYZ worth"


You'll need some pics as well

All the best