1984 Andy Powell Overbury's of Bristol


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23" Frame and fork supplied by Nik over the border - arrived safely today, many thanks!

Frame Number AP(andy P), 84(1984), 37(frame number). lugged with Haden (British made) luggs.501 ATB Tubeset - the first MTB Specific Tube Set.

It was top of the line at the time and was specced with Stonglight MTB Crank, Specialized Retro Bar, Deerhead Shimano Mechs, Suntoure Top Mount Shiters Dia Compe Brakes.

Any further information prior to the rebuild - adverts etc. - please post here people! Am going to Bristol soon - so will take it to St. Pauls to see what else I can find out....

Mr K


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looks like a fine machine. i didnt realise 501 was the first mtb specific tubeset.



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Superb. :cool: One of the most interesting (and important) MTBs I've seen posted here in a long time. Looking forward to seeing what you learn from the shop.


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That is one cool cookie, Definatley one of my fave bikes I have seen in ages, and with it being from Bristol makes it a very fine machine indeed :cool:

Cant wait to see this built up and let me know when you are in Bristol ;)


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I'm trying to like this but I think I need to see it built first.

Just had a thought - welcome to the 'is it/ isnt it? Downward sloping top tube' club.


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Looking forward to seeing a bit more information about this bike Neil. Looks very nice and interesting. :cool: