1994 MARIN Bull Frog Trail build / rebuild save thread


Old School Hero
This build is complete! Project done ...I guess. Off to the next one!

And of course: Hi Fekko! Great to see you here as well!


Old School Hero
Whenever I will come across a stunning condition Manitou 3, I will store them just in case ...


Retro Guru

Great job and nice detailing. But wait, what minor of witchcraft did use on those pedal logos? I see from the pictures you painted them black, then I see white enamel going over the logo. But how did you get the excess white off? Just wiped it while wet I guess?


Old School Hero
Painted the cages black + heavy duty clear coat and white on the script. then carefully wiped off the excess with a drip of thinner on a piece of paper towel.


Retro Newbie
I just bought a bullfrog frame with a couple of original parts on Ebay. Hope to Receive it before the Weekend. Don‘t know if i do a original Build or More a blingbling bmx aproach. First step will Use the stuff i got in my man cave. No Fork, so i will use a bomber Cause it’s the only Threaded one.

best time After a Quickbuy is the research and imaginary Build...