Why do you want that bike?

Why that bike?

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...I think I’ve probably wanted a bike based on almost every category listed, though have never really felt the urge to try and find the first mtb I owned,..
My first mtb was a Marin Bear Valley SE, and although I loved it I have no desire to get another, for me bikes are like women, once I had my fun with them I'm off to find the next conquest, and also like my women they are steadily getting older and harder to find.


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What do you do when you have your dream bike or bikes ?

Just leave the forum I guess 😂
I’ll probably convince myself I need something else but, to be realistic, I probably have enough projects to keep me going well into retirement


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Glad im not the only one 😂 There’s something about the feel of titanium though. It never seems to feel cold. Its as if its a little bit alive 🤷🏻‍♂️
I wouldn't know at the moment....but hold that thought I may have unearthed something in Austria


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Lol you guys didn't deliver papers in a Canadian winter... Try dragging the Saturday suppliments through several feet of snow at 6am, before the plows have been around! I wouldn't dream about subjecting my kids to that, but I definitely learned about earning a dollar.

As for reasons to buy, how about wanting the higher spec sibling of the one you had? I had a Hardrock, now I'm hunting Stumpies.
That, pretty much exactly. Had a Hardrock sport. Now got me an M2.