Why do you want that bike?

Why that bike?

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This is a question i often stand and ponder in the cave as i'm considering which should go. The trouble is i can find a reason to keep them all. I never did get the one i always wanted but my latest is a far more boutique homage.

I really do need to rationalise my limited collection of about 15 full bikes. I always said i wouldn't keep anything in a non rideable state (other than popping on pedals) so seeing a full bike, looking it in the eyes and casting it aside is difficult.

Given the current price of parts and my post furlough finances, something has to give........


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For me it was always I lusted after bikes I couldn't afford. I always wondered what they would be like to ride compared to the bike I could afford (My 1992 Scott Superlite) and how different components would feel, which drives me with my diverse choice of bikes and components.


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Mine started out as the bikes I wanted as a kid but couldn't afford. All the ones from MBA etc which we all drooled over. Latterly it's become a case of 'completism' more than anything I guess. One of every year, one of every rider, etc...


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Cos paper round money was only £8.50 a week haha, and a pace was around a million years of saving
How the other half live, I had to do a full time night round, and an early morning Sunday round to get that kind of money, no wonder you have two million paces lmao 🤣


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Oh god that's just reminded me of the supplements, late afternoon to do your round on a Saturday, then back after tea to do the sportsmail, then we used to have the property guide on a Thursday night that went out same time as the normal papers, man they were heavy!

But then again not as heavy as a Sunday morning with all the broadsheet papers and their individual magazines too, man we were abused children weren't we lmao 🤣