Unusual Kona models or colours


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Rightyho Mark,

Sándor sent me an e-mail with an attachment of the post shown above by Donald Burger, as he knows I don't do Facebook. He will probably try to get some more pictures of it - as well as try to dissuade Donald from adding a Disc Tab!

If anyone could obtain some better shots of it, then that would be useful. I only have four pictures in total, including the one shown above, which I saved back in 2018.

Let me know if you want me to email you some higher res pics of the 97 Kilauea SE


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This is just a big chance for Pip to upload his hard-drive right? ;) 🙌

Are we drawing the line at custom frame/bike choices? I guess so otherwise we'll end up with a thread running to the hundreds. Glad the Una came up and I had that ready to post.

How about the Cioni special from 98/99?


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Ah yes, what was I thinking over the Bank Holiday with not including that beauty - See link below:

Read here


Ah yes. Can't believe I spotted that and didn't take more pics! I knew it was something out of the ordinary but my knowledge isn't so good into the late 90's


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Awesome thread! :cool: I've had several that didn't appear in the catalogues (mostly late year model, frame only options) and the little 1990 Lava Dome on page 2 which Pipmeister posted was mine too :p

This little Kilauea frame was ordered from Hibike in Germany . . . (judging by the paint job it was probably destined for the wraparound glow decals)

Had to be done ;) - Kona Mama BMX

Just given this little late Y2K Chute frame the Mama tlc and sold on eBay . . .

Late 98 Muni Mula available as frame only . . . died in an accident with a storm drain and was replaced with a lovely polished alu Roast with glow-in-the-dark decals which sadly I have no photos of :(

1999 Lava Dome . . .
Kona Lava Dome 1999 24.03.14.jpg

And a much more modern 2006 Shred Prime SE imported from France . . .
Kona Shred Prime SE 24.09.16.jpg