Kona Jake the Snake Cantilever Brake Question


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Years ago I bought a used Kona Jake the Snake which I passed on to my son. We changed the original cantis (white Kore Kross?) to Tektro Mini-V brakes, but the setup wasn't very successful as it needed constant adjustment. Anyway to cut to the chase, I'm now reinstalling the original brakes once I managed to find them. My worry is that I may have mislaid some washers associated with the originals. I had bagged up each arm with its spring, and then the 4 fitting bolts, each with a washer. So fitting the arms to each mounting stud I have in order:

1) Spring
2) Arm
3) Mounting bolt washer
4) Mounting bolt

My question is, am I missing any washers? There is a fair bit of play, though it may be designed that way to allow for clearing mud in cyclocross. If anyone out there has a Jake the Snake with original cantis I would be grateful if you could have a look to see if there is perhaps a washer between the spring and the base of the arm (for instance)? I just want to be sure before handing the bike back to my son.

For reference the bike model is the same as this one (Jake the Snake on Retrobike).

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Thank you for this, I really appreciate it. The bike is back with my son now and he says the braking is much better. I needed some new blocks as well and found that Koolstop have a 'Cross Pad' holder and blocks pack, which I fitted instead of the longer MTB type.
Mine was a recent secondhand purchase. The whole bike could use a full strip down and clean up really. Handy to know about the Koolstops.

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