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As no doubt many of you will have read in Ernie's post, Pip passed away last week...
Phillip "Pip-meister" Mock - Kona Guru & Legend

Whilst he struggled with his illness Pip maintained a documentary thread of his own...
Nearly there....

He also regularly contributed to the "Today's Ride" thread which is well worth a look...
Today's Ride

I have added some more photos to this thread showing Pip out enjoying his bikes.

I hope that anyone who has bought one of Pip's frames will build it, ride it and enjoy it. And if/when the time comes for you to move it on, you would kindly sell it on Retrobike and keep me informed so I can update this thread and maintain a bit of a legacy for an RB legend.

20200320_162119 (2).jpg

➡️ 2000 Score - 18" Frame

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Pip's build thread:
Kona Score

Super rare frame. Pip believed it could be the only 18" one out there!

Serial Number: KS18170.
Frame: 1,780g / 3.92lbs / 3lbs 14 ¾ oz (frame on kitchen)scales
: 1,850g / 4.07lbs / 4lbs 1 ¼ oz (1,850ml of water displays 1,780g on scales)
Seat tube 34.9mm
Seat Post 30.0mm
Seat tube 15” Centre - Centre / 18” Centre - Top.
Top tube: 22.5” actual, 23.5” effective.
Head tube 125mm.
Bottom Bracket Shell 68mm
Top Tube: 34.9 round,
Downtube: top 46mm x 40mm – bottom 48mm x 38mm… verify
Seat Stays: 19mm round,
Chain Stays: 26mm x 18mm – 19mm round,
Headtube O/D: 41.5mm.

Sold to busterkeet0n
busterkeet0n's Build Thread...

2000 Kona Score

➡️ 1993 Kilauea

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Pip's build thread:
Kona Kilauea 1993

Serial number: Very vague owing to thickness of paint F30##712.
Frame: 18” Tange Prestige Concept - Tapered Oval Double Butted.
28.6mm Seat Tube – ovalised at bottom
27.0mm Seatpost
30mm Dog Collar & Seatpost Clamp

Sold to jinjrich
jinjrich's Build Thread...

1993 Kona Kilauea

Sold to miake108
miake108's Build Thread...

93 Kona Kilauea

➡️ 1995 Kula

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Pip's build thread:
1995 Kona Kula

Frame No: 5T-28 F9509 2464 ˂˃ DB
Frame: Easton ProGram 3 Elan

Top Tube actual 22” (Virtual 23”)
Headtube length 110mm
Seat Post 27.0mm
Front Mech Clamp 31.8mm
Bottom Bracket Shell 68mm English thread.
Bottom Bracket Height ”
Colour: Glacier Green Metallic
1,###gr? Quoted at 4.5lbs

Sold to Moosey Moose
Moosey Moose's Build Thread...

Moosey Moose's "Pipmeister" 1995 Kona Kula - Updated

➡️ 1996 Ku

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View media item 663
Sold to busterkeet0n

➡️ 1997 Explosif

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Pip's build thread:
1997 Explosif

Serial Number: H7M2 1499.
Weight: circa 2,000gr / 4.4lbs / 4lbs 6.4ozs.
Constructed entirely of Columbus Nivacrom Max OR tubing.
Tubing wall thickness:
• Top - 0.7/0.4/0.7,
• Down - 0.8/0.5/0.8
• Seat Tube - 1.3/0.6/0.9 custom drawn for Kona by Columbus.
• Columbus drawn, oversized seat stays.
• 27.0mm seat post, 28.6mm front derailleur, 68mm bottom bracket & 110mm Headtube.

Frame only: Sold to adamgent

➡️ 1997 King Kahuna

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(not?) Pip's build thread:
Ex-model King Kahuna from 2000!

Serial number K19088
88th frame of a probable 100 produced for 1997 in 19” c/w later edition Top Tube cable routing.
Frame: 1,750g
Seat tube 31.8mm
Seat Post 27.0mm
Measurements: Seat tube 16” Centre - Centre / 19” Centre - Top.
Top tube: 22.25” actual, 23” effective.
Head tube 130mm.
Bottom Bracket Shell 68mm

Sold to SNA
SNA's Build Thread...

'97 Kona King Kahuna

Sold to Matttymm
Matttymm's build thread...

1997 Kona King Kahuna

➡️ 1998 Hot

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Pip's build thread:
1998 Kona Hot

Serial number H9N1 7857
H=Hodaka, 9=1999, N=#, 1=January, 7857= Batch / Serial - Original price £800
Reynolds 853: Heat Treated • Air Hardened • Butted Main Tubes / Frame & Stays c/w ‘Opposite Oval Tubing' Downtube – or Columbus Stays, or Reynolds 725 Stays?
Frame: 1,950g, 4.29lbs, 4lbs 4.8oz
Head Tube: 110mm.
Down Tube: Centre 35.5mm, Top 37mm x 33.5mm, Bottom 37mm x 33.5mm *
Top Tube: 32mm
Seat Tube: 28.6mm at Mech band / 30mm at Seatpost clamp
Seat Post: 27.0mm
Bottom Bracket Shell: 68mm
Measurements: Seat tube 15” Centre - Centre / 18” Centre - Top.
Top tube: 22” actual, 23” effective.
Weight: 1,950 gr / 4lbs 4.8oz / 4.29lbs

Sold to spacehopper
spacehopper's Build thread:

1998 Kona Hot

➡️ 1998 Hei Hei

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Pip's build thread:
Hei Hei – picked up yesterday.

Previous Custodian: wadsy
wadsy's build thread:
1998 "Pipmeister Edition" Hei Hei

Sold to: Magpiegifts
Magpiegifts build thread:
1998 Kona Hei Hei

Sold to: Ackers
Ackers build thread:
1998 Kona Hei Hei Pipmeister

➡️ 2000 Explosif

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Pip's build thread:
Explosif 2000 Scandium

Serial Number: H0A00118.
Hodaka (H0A0011:cool:, 2000 (H0A0011:cool:, Control (H0A0011:cool:, Oct (H0A0011:cool:.
Tubing wall thickness:
Top - 38/35 x 1.3-0.8-1.1t
Down - 45/41 x 2.0-0.9-1.3t
Seat Tube -31.8 x 2.35 -1.8t.
Seat Stays - 19 x 1.4-1.8-1.3-1.4t.?
Chain Stays RHS 22.2 x 2.0-1.2-1.4t / LHS 22.2 x 2.0t,
Forged dropouts with I.S. disc mounts, forged replaceable "H" style hanger. WM25.
27.0mm seat post, 31.8mm front derailleur, 68mm bottom bracket & 110mm Headtube.
Made with Easton Scandium frame tubing and Easton Elite rear stays.
Available as frame, 3.4lbs
Gear Hanger: Wheels manufacturing No:25

Sold to W.Ford
W.Ford's Build Thread...
2000 Kona Explosif build

➡️ 2003 Kula Primo

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Build thread:

Seat Post: 31.6mm (From Kona Forum Tech – 2 prototypes were 30.0mm!)
Front Mech Clamp: 34.9mm
B.B Shell: 68mm
Headset: 44mm I/D, 50mm O/D, 10mm Depth
Headtube length: 120mm
Model Number: F10KL18
Hanger: Type S (Stamped C) Wheels Manufacturing No:61?

Frame & cable outers as shown: Sold

➡️ 2000 Kula

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Pip's build thread:
Kula 2000

Sold to:
Mikey08's build thread: Y2K 'Pipmeister' Kona Kula

Sold to:
Ackers build thread:

➡️ 1999 Kona Pahoehoe

Sold to: thebenjordan

thebenjordan's build thread:
1999 Kona Pahoehoe

➡️ 1998 Kona Ku

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Pip's build thread:
The Mythical 1998 Kona Ku

18” Columbus Altec2 Megatube 7005 – Handmade in U.S.A. – Banana Yellow
Frame Serial No: KK88044 - Possibly Kona Ku 1998 number 8 (August) 044
Seat Post 27.2mm
Seat Tube 31.8mm
Top Tube Ovalised - approx. 34mm/38mm,
Down Tub Bi-Ovalised - approx. 40mm/48mm
Weight: 1485g (frame only) 1505g with seat-post clamp
Gear Hanger: Kona Style H. Wheels Manufacturing No: 25

Frame only (with Kona clamp): Sold to BerthaPog
A very rare frame in superb condition, with not much use at all - please see "The Mythical 1998 Kona Ku" thread linked above for more information/details. Please pm me if you are genuinely interested in acquiring this lovely piece of Kona history - photos in link below - I have taken good quality photos to highlight any marks, the frame is really in excellent condition, no cracks or dents, no cable rub, just the odd paint chip and FD clamp mark as shown, which I'm sure you'll appreciate are far more noticeable in the high res. photos than they actually are!

1998 Kona Ku Frame
Bike Parts for Sale

BerthaPog's build thread:
1998 Kona Ku - Pipmeister

➡️ 1997 Stars and Bars King Kahuna

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Pip's build thread:
King Kahuna Stars ‘n’ Bars!

wadsy's build thread:
'97 "Pip-meister Edition" King Kahuna Stars ‘n’ Bars

Sold to Matttymm
Matttymm's build thread...
1997 Kona King Kahuna Stars and Stripes Pipmeister Edition

Frame Serial No: K18066.
Weight approx 1,650g
Seat Post 27.0mm
Seat Tube 31.8mm

➡️ 2010 Kilauea

View media item 674
Frame weight: 1,175 gr. c/w Gear Hanger & Cable Guides. 2.59 lb / 2lbs 9 ½ ounces.
Model: Kilauea 2010 F10KL18
Serial Number: HOAC-0015 (Apparently less than 50 produced worldwide)
Seat Post Clamp: 34.9mm
Seat Post: 31.6mm (From Kona Forum Tech – 2 prototypes were 30.0mm!)
Front Mech Clamp: 34.9mm
B.B Shell: 68mm
Headset: 44mm I/D, 50mm O/D, 10mm Depth
Headtube length: 120mm
Model Number: F10KL18
Hanger: Type S (Stamped C) Wheels Manufacturing No:61?

Current custodian: wadsy

wadsy's build thread:
Pip-meister 2010 Kona carbon Kilauea

➡️ 1997 Koa

View media item 690View media item 664
Frame: 18" - Kona Double Butted 7005 Aluminium

Top Tube actual 22” (Virtual 23”)
Headtube length 110mm
Seat Post 27.0mm
Front Mech Clamp 31.8mm
Bottom Bracket Shell 68mm English thread.
Frame No: H7A08105
Colour: Matt Metallic Orange

Pip's build thread: NA

wadsy's build thread:
'97 "Pip-meister Edition" Kona Koa

Sold to: PedallingPutz

Background to this thread...

❗ Please read all of the following before enquiring about a frame. Please also read my “T&C's” at the bottom of the page.

As some of you are no doubt aware Pip was given the tragic news recently that his cancer has returned and is not operable.

He has his own thread running; “Nearly there”

❗ Could I kindly suggest that you read this, in particular Pip's post of Thursday March 19, 2020 6:14 am on Page 16.

With this incredibly sad news Pip has entrusted me with the job of finding new homes for his frames as well as the components he acquired to keep the bikes going. Letting go of his much beloved collection is heart breaking for him, but something he feels he must do as he doesn't want to leave such a huge job to his family once he has gone and would very much like the frames to stay within the Retrobike community.

As such, if you buy a frame it will be on the “gentlemanly” agreement that you honour his wishes by building the bike to ride and doing a build thread to share on Retrobike. Also, if you decide to let the frame go, it would be good, if at all possible to sell to someone who will do likewise, so we can keep the frames “in the family”.

Given Pip's condition and how he feels about letting his bikes go, please do not contact him about this, it is very difficult for him. If you wish to post something, please post appropriately in his “Nearly there” thread.

As you will know Pip is a stalwart of our Retrobike family and has contributed greatly through his build threads, forum posts, many Kona build and advice posts and his Kona register threads. I would like to do the same with his frames and plan to run a “Pipmeister Collection” register; listing the frames with serial numbers, current owners and links to build threads. This would be done initially on this sales thread. It is the intention, that this will be updated if frames are sold with new owners names and new build threads.

Each one of Pip's frames that are sold will come with a “Pipmeister” decal, designed by me, with Pip's approval and made by Gil. Featuring a "heavy metal" font and a Flying V guitar; if you read Pip's thread you'll see why. Black on white (like RB logo decal) and 75x15mm; will go on top tube or seat-stay....

Pip's main desire is to make the most of the time he has and he plans to ride as much and for as long as he can; either on his beloved mountain bikes (he has retained a few) or on his newly acquired motorbike!

T&C's Please read.....

No time-wasters please (first come first served payment-wise I'm afraid) ...and genuine enquiries only please; I struggle enough with my health as it is without wasting energy unnecessarily, also, as such please bear with me for dispatch times - thanks for your understanding

Postage will be extra and at cost to your location. I will post worldwide @ buyers cost (please pm for a quote) and happy to combine postage for more than one item

Payment by bank transfer or Paypal goods +5% please. Collection is fine (with appropriate care and due diligence, due to Coronavirus!) and saves me packing/posting and buyers P+P costs. NB: Dibs and Paypal 'gift' payments are at my discretion - if you're new to the forum or we haven't dealt before!
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