1998 Kona Hei Hei


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Back in the 90's I owned many Konas from cindercones to lavadomes but always wanted the gorgeous titanium hei hei 😎. But like lots of us back then I could only dream.
Roll on a quarter of a century and I finally have one!
I introduce my latest acquisition 1998 Kona Hei Hei
This gorgeous frame came from the Pipmeister collection. It has been built up a few times before to a very high standard. So the bar has been set quite high.
Hopefully I'll do it proud.

20210808_182456.jpg 20210808_182509.jpg 20210808_182613.jpg
I love the decals on the 98 frame I think that and the 94 hei hei have the best graphics. Overall it's in great condition, I'm going to keep it original and build it as it is. I've gathered some select parts so far from mid to late 90's.
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Found these NOS carbon Fred Salmon bars on Rolys website and these Tioga Carbo barends on eBay. Not 100% I'm going to use them yet, considering Syncros bar instead.
20210808_183538.jpg 20210808_183315.jpg