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Today-Thursday-I looked at Today's Ride this AM and saw that a spammer had put up a bunch of crap on the thread, so I asked the mods if they could delete his stuff. Apparently the delete button was hit the wrong way and it deleted the whole almost 3 years of this thread :shock: -they are supposed to be trying to restore previous posts, and hopefully they will succeed :) -So I'm starting it up again-It was a cool morning, about 68 F. when I went on a flat spinning ride to SF Bay and back along Corte Madera Creek-foggy on the bay, and cool...


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Come on mods/computer geek's, bring it back!

Love reading and looking at your daily up dates :)



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Pat has never needed an excuse, it was always a giving event.

Sickened by this, let us hope the gods combine to restore the best thread ever on any mountain biking site.


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I've seen the almost finished book CK has written-should be out in September-a good read and great photos. Today-Friday-another cool 75 F. morning by the Bay- a fast hour's spin...


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Out today to find a way cross country to an old haunt. Got acquainted with a recent build. A nice neutral ride. Got a mate visiting for a ride so needed to check it out as he's using it.



Not sure which is the lighter?


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Ok, now I get why this sign "The requested topic does not exist." been poppin up on my screen for a couple of days. Made me sad. Happy to see it got re-started. Hope the "delete guys" can find the rest of it. And if not I guess we better start building on this one. Here's some pics from an evening ride in Gejlo up at 2500 ft in Norwegian mountains. Definitely cooler than Oslo.


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