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This is an update from a thread that Ernie started in November last year.

Some of you on here will be aware that last November I was diagnosed with Cancer for a third time. I don’t use a smart phone :oops: , so Ernie was acting as go between for me while I was holed up in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, and this site.

I won’t go into too much detail, but I had a complication following the surgery for Bowel Cancer, which resulted in a delay in starting the 6 months of Chemotherapy. Anyway, I am now halfway through the treatment, which consists of infusions through a PICC Line (google image it) every two weeks.

The Protocol was originally for 3 different Chemo chemicals, but sadly I had an extreme reaction to one of the chemicals, which has now been withdrawn from my treatment.This current Protocol means that just before each Chemo cycle, say around 10 days from the last cycle, I feel pretty good and I can manage a few activities :D .

Coming up to date, I haven’t been able to wear normal clothes like a pair of Jeans since November, as I can’t fit the waist band around my Colostomy bag. I have been wearing Trakkies for all occasions, which makes me look a bit Chavvy :shock: .

So I thought to myself I must have a pair of Cycling Shorts that I can modify to fit around my Colostomy bag. Hey presto a pair of Martyn Ashton’s old Volvo Cannondale shorts that were always too big for me – see picture below.

This is the first time that I have got togged up and gone out for a proper off road ride since before my diagnosis last November. It wasn’t much of an outing, but at least I got the Kula’s tyres dirty….. and I found a bit of Thatcham Moors that I hadn’t ventured on before :D.

A big thanks to the select few on here who I have been keeping informed regarding my progress – Big Al, Ernie, Wadsy, Shedobits, Romanrinos.

Pre-ride in my back garden..... and just check out the condition of my lawn!
. by Philip Mock, on Flickr

Re: Halfway there....

Excellent. Keep on keeping on.

Good to see you coming out of the other side.
Re: Halfway there....

Glad your up and out and enjoying it too :cool:

damn that kona would look good on me....(hint birthday is coming) the glad to see you on a bike with a big smile,i hope everything goes well for you and you get sorted own personal cancer trip is half over.the blue naevus in my right arm is next on the list .i managed to finally lift my bike out the time capsual yesterday and go for a quick trip down the road.felt good to be mobile again even if it was only for twenty scars are healing well too so thats good.keep it up thinking of you .. :D
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Fantastic news, I bet your outing made you feel so much more positive afterwards. Riding kept me sane during 9 months of chemo; the cycles became a background routine and I always did a 'big ride' the day before my next dose.

We are going to have to organise a survivor ride get-together.