The "I'm not doing so well" thread

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Small win this week, managed to nab some tickets to see grandmaster flash in hull/cottingham friday. The crowd was good, the shandy expensive but made me smile and I doubt I'll get to see him perform again. Feeling better now and visiting this helps loads. Trying to be positive for work tomorrow but due to the crap weather I shall not be riding in .......yet

One love x

One of the best breaking tracks ever, still to this day, legend.



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This whole thread is very comforting. If that's the right word? It makes me feel more involved? Like I have even more reason to be involved? I can see many similarities in my own life experiences in this thread and can empathize with everyone going through any kind of hard time, mentally or physically.
It is good to get it off your chest.

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I've been suffering from extreme boredom of the 'life' cycle lately, and the feeling of not really having enough time to do what I want at the pace I want, or simply too much stuff to do that I end up not doing any of it. I've been trying/meaning to get my Motorbike license for two years or so, and keep putting it off because other stuff that quite frankly is more important does keep getting in the way, but putting fun stuff on the back burner all the time is becoming tiresome. Just when I think great I've got time to do so and so this weekend, something comes up, and my efforts are diverted.

We've got two young dogs whom I love to bits, but they're a bit too young to be independent / left to entertain themselves at the moment so it's a bit chore like presently. Can't leave them for more than half an hour or so (the youngest particularly at just a shade over 6 months). My workshop is upstairs in the cold so they can't be with me in that environment safely, meaning that any spannering I do when home alone with them is done outdoors, therefore needing weather and light to be on my side - no good for the winter months.

A new (old) outlet has been music. I get an hours commute to the office (remember them?) a couple of times a week, and recently decided to download my entire music back catalogue onto my phone so I could pick and choose what to listen to in the car on the journey. Now I'm singing (shouting) along to my choice of music from the early to mid nineties. I can highly recommend a good shout!
Beats listening to yet more news about Covid or climate change.


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THM Peace has returned. I hope that was a humorous and uplifting distraction for those requiring one.

These are the right sort of black dogs.