Pace RC200 F5 - Yeah, that one on eBay!


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Rightly or wrongly I've taken a punt on it...the Pace RC200 F5 frame on eBay, thats has a few threads of late.

Seller tells me that the seat clamp has been replaced with a fresh one via Duncan @ Pace (I will wait and see with that) and obviously I know about the BB issue from the threads on here.

In all fairness, its not going to be ridden that much when built, so if the BB is serviceable, I will use it.

I've been after one for 25/6 years since I was at school, and I know it would get built to the spec I want and used once or twice a year, if that.

Im probably daft for doing it, but if I wanted to use it regularly, it would be a different story, plus I'm looking forward to tacking to smaller frame jobs to see how they go too.

Worst case, it will end up as an ornament and I'll hunt another out.

Hit me with your abuse! ;)

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Great stuff, at least there are potential options, if I do decided to try and tackle the BB! (In theory, its a Pace at the end of the day...)
Had the tracking number sent, so hopefully it should be here this week! Like a kid at Xmas.

Then the work will start over the winter period….

I have ordered a 1” steerer from Pace, as the RC36 Evo I’m going to use are currently sat on 1”1/8.

What is the deal with headsets? I see talk of machining to get some grooves in them. Is that the case with any 1” Aheadset for them or just certain types, IE Ive seen it mentioned about Chris King more than anything.

Ive read some say only on the F2/3/4 models required it but they had sorted it be the F5?
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Got another daft little project to do, to keep me occupied over I need any others!

I see the Pace branded Crud Catchers aren't very common, so I'm going to knock one up of my own.

Managed to get a tidy clear guard to play with, which is a start.

My sister does printing of varying sorts, so ive enlisted her to give a bash.

Im hoping the old Crud Catcher tampa print comes off how I think it will...

Apparently there are more than one design of Pace branded ones, but I cant think ive personally seen anything other than this one?

Another purchase today for when the frame arrives. (had confirmation of postage today too!)

1" Chris King headset...that will do for buying part for this year now. Lets get Xmas out the way!

Im sure your a member on here Paul, but thanks for that!