Pace RC200 F5 - Yeah, that one on eBay!

Great service from Fork English on the new 1" Steerer tube for my Pace RC36 EVO forks.

Just need the adaptor from Pace now, but no rush as the frames not here till Monday anyway!

Luckily I had the forks serviced and rebuilt last year, so one less job!


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Its arrived!

And to be honest with it, its better than the pictures lead to believe, and what I had heard about it.

Ok, so its never going to be a concours build anyway, and this wouldn't be the frame for that.

The BB issue, I'm happy with for now in fairness, I'm not going to risk cracking a frame that isn't, its usable, thats the main thing for me,

So, after 26 years, of yearning a Pace frame since I first saw one at 14, here is my new purchase!

1996 Pace RC200 F5





I had a potter in the garage this afternoon, and I couldn't resist from doing something to the Pace RC200 F5 frame.

I decided that the only thing I could really do for now, was to fit the 1" Chris King headset I had bought.

As it came off an F5, I didn't have to get any machining/etc done, which suited me just fine!

Slowly did it, and it fits like a glove, so I guess this frame had some correct bits done too.... seemed to be far too easy!

Im now itching to get some more done, but I will get the Raleigh RSP550 Titanium cabled up and possibly sold on before I do any more to this beauty.

Have a great new year folks!



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