Old men on old bikes on old trails at Dalby

The History Man

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I was building you a more responsive front end than the period correct one. But I suppose I’ll just use it to keep warm then.


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Seeing as @The History Man has started to take his Raleigh seriously, I thought perhaps I ought to listen to his and @yakboy ‘s advice. So I’ve swapped out the original Marzocci forks for a set of RockShox Judy FSX, these have nearly twice the compression & were properly serviced last year so should operate considerably better.
Also thought I’d lighten the cockpit whilst I was at it so the bikes lost just over a kilo which might help the front end, won’t know till the intrepid three ride again!
(Don’t panic, the “correct” stuff will be stored for any future shows) View attachment 573205View attachment 573206View attachment 573207
That's going to fly😁