Racing Downhill & 4X - On old bikes!


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konaben82":6u3xiddj said:
I wouldn't worry about people looking down at the Saracen, it's a cool little beast and a winning machine!

But they can't look down on it, it's on the top step!

Really nice read and inspiring too, good work buddy!


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This. Is. Awesome, A proper middle finger salute to the marketing departments that make you think you need 8" travel and 650B wheels for UK downhill.
Orange got it so right with the original patriot, still the best bike I ever owned. Loving the picture of the spindly Marzocchi legs on the start ramp! Some of the kids riding there wouldn't have been born when they were made!


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Good stuff buddy.

As much as I like older bikes, some of the modern stuff is pretty good (I reckon my Banshee is better than some of my old DH bikes). That doesn't mean older bikes should be written off though....good ones are still good today.

Love Antur (not so much of a fan when the weather is poo though as there's not much shelter). Would lime to give Bkack Mountain a whirl.