My £29 CR-7


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Brilliant. Subscribed. This will turn out great.

Your new stead is 1991.

This is is 1990


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Your new stead is 1991.

I stand corrected !

It's actually quite interesting how different this one is to my '89. Big difference is the '89 was made in Japan and the '91 was made in Taiwan. Where was your '90 made ? I'm guessing it was still Japan.

The rear dropouts on this are totally different to the '89, there are rack mounts on the seatstays, and the bolts holding the seatstays to the top tube are now a shoulder bolt (see pic above) whereas the '89 they were simple countersunk bolts. And I don't have grub screws in the BB shell, I've just got plastic plugs.


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This is all going strangely easily. Some WD40, wire wool & elbow grease and the vast majority of the rust on the rear triangle came straight off. It's not perfect but I'd now call it acceptable for a bike that's 30 years old and has clearly had a hard life.

The steerer on the pink forks is about 5mm too long so I'll need to find a spacer. I've decided to leave them pink for now. They're just a placeholder until I can find some Manitous.

BB - 2x SKF bearings for £2.95 each, tapped them into place with a couple of sockets. Job done.

I found a turbo-alike Avocet saddle in the garage that looks very appropriate. I also still have the original stem from my original CR-7. It's a bit long :) But again; placeholder. I need a shortish ATAC if there is such a thing.


Being an idiot, I also found some Alpinestars forks I'd forgotten about. Way too long unless I go aheadset..... which I might do because I also found a short steep Shogun stem <rolleyes> And a lady Turbo. Perfect if I'm pitching this as a present for my wife.....


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Nothing very interesting to report. I bought a donor bike from gtturbo; originally thinking the bits would go onto something else but then realised it was a '91, and this is a '91, so even though it's not catalogue spec, it's at least the right year. So the CR-7 is now rolling (but not quite rideable) with a '91 DX groupset.

The pink forks are actually growing on me but I still want some Manitous. I'll pick up a shorter stem eventually.


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Sorry I didn't remember it was you with the CR7 or I would have dug mine out so you could have had a look at it.