Alimo - Dutch Benotto sub-brand (70-80s)


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Thanks for all your good work on this, @SuperSid !

This thread is going to be very useful for every future Alimo owner.👍
There seems to be quite a lot of Alimos about, especially in Holland but due to their bargain price, many seem to be in a state of decay used as commuters, but 250€ for one in good condition seems pretty common.

My brother was telling me about when he went to Dales cycles in Glasgow to buy a new bike, he wanted a Reynolds 531 framed bike like our dad but he told me the bike shop owner was gushing about how amazing the Alimo was for the price, that it is was lighter than the more expensive 531 framed bikes he sold and just as well equipped.

If anyone can find one, it's a good choice for a reasonably priced restoration project, suitable for Eroica events.
With a weight of 22 pounds or 10 kg (22.5" - 57cm frame) it was really quite light for 1980. Mid range Raleighs were 23-24 pounds I remember.
Ishiwata tubing that's the equivalent of Reynolds 531SL or Columbus SL + good quality Japanese parts by SR and Shimano make the bikes more Japanese made than Italian or Dutch.
The Benotto link adds some prestige, it's just a shame the finish was done on the cheap. I want to restore and enhance mine to make it look at least as nicely finished as Benotto branded versions.

I've almost finished the artwork for the sticker set, I'll get them printed up soon in thinner, more modern vinyl that can be clear coated, no more faded, semi peeled off stickers on the surface.


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I just noticed on that blue cyclocross Alimo a few posts back, there's a 5th variant of the top tube sticker - Alimo E