1989 Fat chance wicked

Of course the pedals are fine greased and ready to go. Its just me being more accustomed to using pinned flats or spd off road. Riding Clips scared me on my first road bike. Im not that old. The bike is older than me by two years!
These have finally arrived to my door. I was getting worried they were lost. New collars and bearings. Although finding someone with a lathe to make a groove in a standard bearing may do the trick. I still required some new collars. One of the old ones was cracked. Axle cleaned up even better after sitting in evaporust. So the pedalling situation is sorted.

Polishing is a job for next sunday afternoon i guess. A rag, compound, some tunes for my ears and a lot of time ahead.

I have a lead on a period front wheel with xc pro hub. Pickup this saturday. Stay tuned.

If someone can do something with the old bearings (worn and shot they spin now but still not great) or these collars a cracked and a good one. I will basically give them away. It will still work on a display only bike.


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found a wheel with a suntour xc pro front hub. Rim is new specialized bxl21. Of course i bought some other rims. I couldnt resist really. An new arrya rm-20 32hole and a new set of 36 hole fir impes 192...
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The current status. Test fitted some mt sakae handlebars with sweep. I stumbled upon these bars today in the local thrift store. Buried between mostly true junk city bike parts. 5 euro was a no brainer. Its in decent shape. Picked up a more modern ritchey flat bar as well for another 5.

This is a for me unknown chromoly stem. In decent enough shape and it came with the bike. Needle bearing headset put back in with plenty of fresh grease.

This seatpost came with the bike as well, but its a bit damaged from the forcefull removal in my vice. Now its a placeholder for in my workstand.
I put a bolt through the pin hole to bolt some wooden blocks to it to be able to clamp it down. The alloy being of course softer than the steel bolt has stretched the hole quite a bit. Bit of a shame since it is a syncros post... i can try and polish it back up. But i have no idea how safe that post still is. Also both bolts were seized in the cradle and snapped. Those i managed to remove.


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If you want to protect the original paint long term, then reapplying clear coat is another option you might consider. It is something I have done on a number of bikes where I have wanted to protect the original paint job and keep corrosion at bay too!

I'd recommend a good 2 part clear coat though, like SprayMax 2K
Thank you for kind comments.

I have found some parts in unexpected places at great prices lately. The bar sweep definitely works for your wrists. It is 580 width across, reasonable size, I don't think it was ever cut, edge looks original. The bars that came with the bike were cut down to 460 or something.

The bike is already clearcoated. It works, but don't worry it still shows all its adventures. Currently I have a mix of XC pro en XCltd limited parts to build it with and the XTR cantilevers that came with the bike. Since some of the XC pro stuff was just getting prohibitively expensive, and the xc LTD is so similar in looks its allright to me.

I still need to build the wheels. Preferably I am looking for one more grey Araya RM20 in 32-hole, but I don't want to pay the ebay preminium for a set of used rims, and I feel that there is another rim out there somewhere or I find another set of rims. If nothing comes up the front wheel will be used as is. But that specialized rim is really narrow.

Parts currently missing.
- Suntour front Quick release.
- A 'nice' period seatpost collar 28.6 with quick release. I have a cheap replacement if need be, the one that came with the bike is cracked, sketchy stuff that that was probably ridden for a while. Although the seatpost was stuck, so probably that didnt matter🙃
- Tires, but those will be bought new.
- Saddle, but I will find one at some point and have some around.

Chain, cables and grips I have bought new. Grips look relatively vintage to me, but didnt break the bank.
You could possibly shim that seat clamp but I would drop coin and buy a Repro from Synlos ( much better made ) or TCs one. The original IRD seat clamps/alloys are very soft and squeek like Fxxk. Love the sweep of the bar and its period correct. Never been a fan of RM20 rims as i used to burn through the braking surface in 6months of London commuting and one nearly got me when it split. Mavic rims all day. These Wicked are legendary for their lovely ride. Enjoy.