What should I keep?


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I recently bought a 91 Trek 950. As it's usually the case, a 89 Specialized Rockhopper Comp showed a few days later at a price I couldn't refuse. I can only keep one, and only because it will be the bike to leave by the in-laws when we visit.

So what should I keep? I will get the best bits from one to upgrade the other. Some background info:
-it will see light off road use
-the Rockhopper is nearly fully original, all Deore except the horrible crankset
-the Trek is well used, it has newer wheels with dynamo hub and the chain and cassette are worn

I already have a Trek 950 (my first ever bike) and another with my parents, so I'm inclined to the Rockhopper just to have something different. But I also love the lugged frame of the Trek...

A couple of bad phone pictures in the metro just after picking them up

IMG_20240321_181701~2.jpg IMG_20240306_141357~2.jpg
Would be the Rockhopper for me. A classic bike, and classic paint job. Chainset looks well out of place on it tho (appreciate there's a bunch of other stuff which is not quite right, but that's the thing that stands out).
Rockhopper for me