What model is my Falcon project?


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Afternoon all,

I took a punt on 2 old road bikes on the basis of a couple of poor pictures and put in an offer which was accepted. One is a Falcon and one is a British Eagle Touristique (well actually it turns out it isn't but that's a story for another day and thread!).

The Falcon is destined to be my station/shopping/pub bike for now with a minimal outlay recommission job. Can anyone work out it's age and model? I am thinking early 80s and a Mallorca/Majorca?

I'll put a couple of pictures up and tell you what I know about it from a brief look whilst dodging downpours. It has clearly been well used and updated so I don't know what parts are still original but some parts clearly aren't. For instance it has a Shimano 200GS FD, a Stronglight Escapade triple crank and a Shimano RSX RD.

It has a cromo frame and I think the fork dropouts are Tange. The seatpost is 26.2mm and very long. The photo shows it at minimum insertion depth for a laugh.

It should scrub up nicely with a strip, clean, lube, and repair. I may even try a bit of bargain retro bikepacking on it!



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Looking around the internet some more, including finding a thread on this very forum, I am now convinced it is a Falcon Majorca. It is apparently pre-1981 as it does not have brazed cable guides on the top tube.


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In between showers today I have been busy.

The stem was lowered so the minimum depth marking was below the headset not above it!

I swapped one tyre and two tubes.

The seat height was adjusted to an approximate measurement, brakes checked and a quick test ride shows that it is a smooth ride. Lots of cleaning and adjustment and I am sure a few new parts will still be required but I think I am going to like it. But boy did they like narrow bars back in the day. I think if I keep it as a beater bike it will get wider bars!


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That looks like a Falcon Majorca to me. Should be a catalogue scan somewhere online, possibly bulgier.net. Originally had Shimano componants but I cant remember what groupset. Fellow readers will correct me if i'm wrong but i believe this bike shared the same frame with the Elswick Stag.


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Thanks for the input, I will look up an Elsewick Stag.

Interestingly the forks has several chips anf scratches on it and it would seem it is either fully chromed or part chromed!


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That's deffo a Majorca but all the bits on it are wrong.

I've got a completely original one here you can compare it to, the only things not original on mine are the tyres, brake lever hoods and chain.

Catalogue page below

Tange frame but I can't remember which tubing and one rung down from the professional


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Thanks Allenh.

Mine has clearly been used and worn parts upgraded or replaced when broken. I suspect the only original parts on the frame are the headset, brakes, stem and seatpost. Maybehe BB too?

Are your bars only 34cm wide (centre to centre) like mine? Seems narrow for a 23" frame.

Please would you tell me what colour the lug lining is on yours? Mine appears to be the colour of dry mud!

Finally (and apologies for the multiple questions) what rims and hubs does yours have?

Many thanks