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Starway was a good french brand, the X series were the best MTB's, all with True Temper Cromolly DB Frames except the X300 that have an exell frame.
It was the lightest MTB of the world with 8.6kg if I remember correctly.

I had 7 MTBs Starway (and still have 3 of them) and you can find my post if you search Starway here, you will find my bikes and also an X300 converted to road bike, a Friend of mine did that, he worked at Starway untill the end. Now the name have been acquired by a company that produces ebikes.

Starway figured in competition, just like Sunn.

Thanks for the info. I can forget about the x300 ever being put on sale since so few were made. Really like those starways. Theres was a green one just like yours up for sale on leboncoin recently. Too far for me though. Where in France were they made may I ask?


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In Luynes (Indre et Loire)
I had

Two X200 Expert, one blue and one green
Two X220 yellow
One X220 Expert yellow, I still have it
One X225 Expert red, I still have it (previous photo)

And one FunSport (HiTen Frame)


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A Friend of mine with a X225 Expert grey

Pulsar hubs!!!


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