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Hi, do you still have the Syncros BB? Interested if it is really ISO and not JIS. Can you confirm if it's ISO? Thanks
It's actually sold now, I'm afraid (did mention this in the thread replies). But if you'll now be looking for one from elsewhere, I'm sure you'll be keen to first confirm about the ISO business. But for my input I can give, I feel this likely won't be enough for you as I've no definite knowledge whether it's one taper or the other, although I've a rough idea it's ISO. But probably best I don't muddy the waters and you go straight to the horse's mouth, who would be Syncros itself (still in business, I believe) who I'm sure would have staff there who remember the old BB and could tell you clearly what it is, and possibly also which chainsets of theirs would be compatible (they possibly made chainsets with JIS and ISO tapers) which could be helpful to you as I have an idea you could be planning on using the BB with a same-brand chainset, as peeps have a tendancy to this.
Shimano STX RC BR-MC33 canti brakes please!
PM me your details and I'll get funds transferred.
hi everyone i am interested in the purole use seat post if it is still available
This seatpost was dibsed but now cancelled. He dibsed and requested shipping quote but after finding one for him he apparently no longer wants the post (not even replied) so it's up for grabs again,
Thanks for your interest in my thread. But I'll have to turn down your offer. I feel I've set the prices on the thread fairly, especially as the thread has been pretty popular on the site. I may possibly have overpriced or underpriced a couple of items, but the overall picture is a good one, so I that's why I'm not considering offers. But I might do one price drop on parts before closing the thread down (although first I plan on adding some long overdue extra photos for stuff that currently has single and basic quality pics) so this could obvs take a while if you're able to wait this long.