Article The Most Iconic Retro MTB component of all time?

What is the most iconic retro mountain bike component of all time? We here at retrobike plan to try and find out or at least gain some sort of consensus from the forum. Simply make your nomination on the iconic retro mtb component thread here and see if the retrobike massive agree with your reasoning.

Will it be the XT thumbshifter? Cooks cranks? Grafton cantis? XT v-brake? 200lx plastic coated cranks?

We'll leave it with you....


It's got to be Magura HS33 rim brakes in neon yellow! Why do you think I have a set on my 2 builds... (I even have a set of red Tomacs coming for my new build...)

Henry V

I would say the most iconic reteo component would have to be the Paul's anodised rear mech in green, red, yellow and blue. It highlights the ninties obsession with all things anodised!


It has to be the Shimano Deore XT Thumbshifter.

Surely, I mean come on..........


I'd like to say either the original Cooks dogbone cranks or the Grafton canti's as personal favourites of mine - but they were too expensive for most to own and therefore not mainstream enough. For it to be truly iconic, it would need to be in reach of the majority and preferred by most. In this regard the XT Thumbies really are up there as a top candidate - but would add either the Selle Italia Flite Titanium or the SI Turbomatic Titanium as two other potential choices as probably the two best saddles ever made and far better than any Fizik tat that's mass produced today!

Eric Channing

This should be a top 10 list.

At the top would be the XT thumbshifter.

I would add the Ringle Skewer on the list for the first to noticeably elevate the status of the often overlooked component.

Tim Nielsen

Here are a few of my own additions to the list:

1. Answer ATAC stem/Hyperlite bar combo
2. Original Onza pedals
3. Panaracer Smoke/Dart combo
4. Dean Ti layback seatpost
5. Anything made by Ringle or SRP


How about these:
1) Ringle Ti skewers
2) ControlTech stems
3) Selle Flite
4) Cook Bros Cranks
5) Chris KIng headset


Flite??? Retro??? I still use them, okay the three (titanium railed versions) I have are over 20 years old and have been recovered oftem but my bum likes sitting on them!!

XT thumbies are THE iconic retro bit of kit