Geoff Ringle's YETI ARC "legacy"... FRO


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Elite504's stock of bike and parts from Geoff Ringle had one stand out bike at the time : a Yeti ARC, frame number 3, created by Parker, with the help of Ringle and Grafton to showcase the best of the best at the time. The clear coated Yeti ARC was built with XT group and as many parts available at the time from the other 2.

I was fortunate to buy that bike as I fell in love with it, reminding me of my 2 idols Johnny T and Juliana Furtado's bikes, and as I was lucky to be sponsored by Ringle back in 1993 cycling for a Belgian team.

After a massive co_k up by the London bike shop where I was trying to fix the broken weld around the seatpost, the shop lost the frame and "lost" other parts : Grafton Joystick cranks, CK headset, Front Olive Green Grafton brake, Grafton olive green pedals. The "olive green" was pretty much unique, similar parts have been for sale online.

Took me 5 years to unpack the box with the leftovers. Thorn between leaving it all behind and selling it or rebuilding it, Elite504 convinced me to look for a FRO and rebuild one....

The bike was unique and could not be replicated, early ARC are known to be fragile so I started looking for a FRO which someone here offered me.

After searching parts over the internet I found most of what I wanted and have finally got it sprained and built...

Frame : Yeti FRO 1990 - long history, was Red, repainted Red, repainted Green, and at some point the frame was fixed by one member of the German Retrobike community
Fork : Same trajectory
Bar : Geoff's Hyperlite
Stem : Geoff's Ringle Zooka
Front Brake : Geoff's Olive Green Grafton Speed Controller
Rear Brake : Grafton Speed Controler in Silver, had to get some parts re built
Wheels : Geoff's Olive green Ringle with wheelsmith TI spokes. I swapped the silver M231 for some Anodized ones
Tyres : A Retrobike must have either Panaracer Smoke or Onza Porcs, I settled for some skin wall Smoke
QR : Geoff's prototype version of the 2nd Ringle models
Seatpost : Geoff's Ringle Moby
Saddle : Turbo NOS, the iconic saddle of pre Flite days
Bottle Cages : Geoff's Ringle h2o
Groupset : Geoff's ? Shimano XT 730
Crankset : The Joystick Green olive were cute but really not the best part of Grafton so decided to go for proper bling Cook Bros instead with Shimano XT chainset. Waiting for the proper hex bolts.
Bottom bracket : Geoff's Grafton Joystick Titanium in Green Olive
Headset : Most parts of the CK Titanium had disappeared, so went for a "Contemporary Green" CK Gripnut. Maybe will polish it but I like it so far...
Pedals : NOS Shimano SDP M 737 - much better than Grafton's....

Paint : Had to match the original colour scheme intended by the boys at the time, went for RAL 7040 as ARC were clearcoted - not painted but final result "similar"
Decals by VeloCals

Thanks to those who helped me with the parts, and a special thanks to Elite504 for sourcing the bike in the first place and then convincing me to rebuild it "in the spirit"

Here are some pictures... I have put a picture of the "original" for reference.. Again plan was not to rebuild the original itself but something as close as possible to the original "philosophy" and with some insight about product longevity etc...


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Sublime... :cool:

But you need a few more links in that chain I reckon.

Double-E F

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Awesome :cool:, well done..!
Love the frame color in combination with the parts, great choice.
But I'd exchange the CK for a black one, I guess..

I recall seeing a white FRO with all pewter Ringle and Grafton parts a long time ago, was that part of the same showcasing fleet, perhaps?

Enjoy it, looking forward to seeing some pictures of this in the wild..!


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Re: Re:

Double-E F":3a4vzi3h said:
I recall seeing a white FRO with all pewter Ringle and Grafton parts a long time ago, was that part of the same showcasing fleet, perhaps?

I loved that one.

Well done on this one too.


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Plan is to ride it for the odd ride yes, I live in the alps so not your every day bike but for some special occasions definitely ! ( got the vintage yeti jersey and shorts that match :) )

The yeti pro pewter was indeed a similar concept I think for those guys, just different background but also pretty unique anodisation.


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To think how easy it would have been to put that bike together 15 years ago. Now - it'd be downright impossible to do it OG.


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Zav.... Brilliant. From a monstrous situation, you have made THE most excellent recovery. So very well done mate.


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Thanks ! Really love the final result - and amazed how the FRO rides as well compared to the ARC and my Yo. Insanely long rear base ( check the chain i got from the ARC that is waaay too short as chainstay almost 1cm longer ) means probably not super punchy but bike feels almost “contemporary”