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It has been 11 years since I posted a thread about my Roberts DogsBolx. The picture links have disappeared a long time ago so I thought I would create a new post with relevant updates. Back then I never entered it in the BOTM but will this time.

Custom frame, handlebar stem, front cable hanger, headset bearings and the lightest front fork available. They supplied Tange Superlights. White Pearlescent paint with Gold Clarendon graphics.
It was assembled by me in July 1994. It still has all of it’s original components (except inner brake and derailleur cables and NoS grey Specialized Umma Gumma More Exreme / S tyres as the originals have rotted away!). It was designed to be very light and as durable as possible. All the component steel nuts, bolts, spindles where possible were replaced by SRP Titanium equivalent throughout the bike. All the bearings (including the headrace) are cartridge type including the jokey wheels bearings.

1994 Chas Roberts 17.5” Dogs Bolx - built by Winston Vaz in June 1994.

Frame: (Columbus Max tube set mix / Tom Ritchey bottom bracket shell).

Paint: White Pearlescent with Gold / Red highlighted Clarendon graphics.

Fork: Tange Superlight blades (Chas Roberts supplied). Colour matched.

Custom made handlebar Stem ordered with the frame. Colour matched.

Headset mounted front brake cable hanger, (ordered with the frame), sprayed to match frame colour)

Headset: Shimano Ultegra 600 HP-6500. Sealed cassette bearings

Handlebar: Renthal RC sub 130

Grips: ATI Tomac

Barends: X-Lite stubbi ( not shown in photos)

Brakes F/R: Shimano XTR BR-M900

Brake Pads: Dia Compe grey

Brake Cables: Shimano XTR Grey (1994) with Middleburn cable oilers.

Cantilever cable hangers: Ringle Mojo silver

Brake Levers / shifters : Shimano XTR Rapid fire plus ST-M900 2 finger 8 speed

Front Derailleur: Shimano XTR FD-M900

Rear Derailleur: Shimano XTR RD-M900.

Jockey wheels: Silver Alloy with cartridge bearings.

Derailleur Cables: Shimano XTR Grey (1994) with Middleburn Cable Oilers.

Bottom Bracket: Royce Titanium 68mm / 109 mm

Cranks: Shimano Deore XT FC M-737 175mm

Crank Bolts: Royce Titanium

Chainrings: Middleburn 42-32 and Shimano O/E steel 22 ratios (ratios based on the 1994 Suntour Microdrive chainset and rear cassette)

Chainring bolts: Venhill Lightning components. VL503 Triple chain set, 6AL-4V Titanium.

Chain: Shimano CN-HG71 or Shimano CN-7401, Dura-Ace 7400 or Shimano IG CN-IG70 116L Chain 8 speed

Rear Cassette: Shimano Deore XT HG CS-M737 8R 11-28 8 speed R group (ratios based on the 1994 Suntour Microdrive chainset and rear cassette)

Custom home made aluminium alloy chain suck device including cut down chain side plates and washers to align the rear derailleur cable along the chain stay and are attached on the SRP titanium mounting bolts. Mounting lugs on the frame requested when frame was ordered.

Pedals: Suntour Superbe

Wheels built by Merlin Cycles UK.

Hubs: Hope Ti Glide Titanium 32 hole

Rims: Campagnola Atek 6082 alloy T6 (32 hole)

Spokes: DT Swiss Double butted stainless steel

Spoke nipples: DT Swiss light alloy

Hub Skewers: Zero titanium

Tyres: Specialized Pro Control S Umma Gumma Grey. Kevlar bead 26x1.95 finally rotted away 2018. Now replaced by NoS Tyres: Specialized More Extreme / S Umma Gumma Grey. Kevlar bead 26x1.95. ( not shown in the photos)

Tubes: Vittoria Latex tube 26x1.70-2.30 presta valve.

Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Transalp Titanium

Seatpost: Ringle Moby post 27.2mm

Seatpost Binder: Frame bolt SRP titanium

Weight: 21.5lb - 9.77kg ready to ride246C5633-7A41-451B-BE91-BDADA1C36DC8.jpeg2A51FF15-C965-4ED3-B3EB-BCF6B66B5889.jpegE4959C6C-10F8-44D9-AF5A-0FD84DC6AEA1.jpegD3E0CD3E-A19F-4AFF-8192-F1291D8A8B3D.jpegEF110C57-4BEB-4D02-8444-1B683564AB5B.jpegDA179A7A-80FC-4DBC-B922-23DB0CE03894.jpegDB2BD943-1838-4A0A-A508-5D4E632E8357.jpegBBD92404-2DB7-422D-B759-1DD6A9E4E100.jpeg137F6E9A-3AEE-4434-99D6-7E92E3F977FC.jpegB3C5456D-EAF6-40C0-9922-4DD8E83C163D.jpeg
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