1. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Wheeler Brochure (German)

    Smaller Wheeler brochure for 1994. German Language.
  2. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Raleigh Catalogue - USA

    Raleigh 1994 Bicycle Buyers Guide
  3. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Raleigh Dyna-Tech Catalogue

    Raleigh Dyna-Tech Mountainbikes 1994 catalogue
  4. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Raleigh Catalogue - German

    Raleigh "Back To Future" catalogue with full model portfolio incl. M-Trax, Torus and Raleigh USA models for Germany. Plus Tech sheet and price list. (A lot of the listed bikes are junk and the portfolio with different brands, lines and models is very confusing)
  5. A

    1994 Litespeed Ocoee/FS...

    Sat in an old lady's garage for about 40 years. Rubber parts are dried to shit but the metals are brand new. Original (?) Campagnolo Mirox 6062 T6 alloy rims. My friend's rich 86 year old pack rat mom offered a bike to me since I love biking. She said she was moving and needed to get rid of...
  6. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1994 Wheeler Catalogue (German)

    Currently a German version.
  7. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1994 - GripShift catalogue

    The GripShift lineup for 1994
  8. Tricky1977

    ‘94 Team Marin for £62?

    Sorry if anyone on here is bidding, PM me and I’ll delete this, I just want it to go to a good retro home! I can’t get to Manchester. It’s dripping in XT, has a green wildgripper on the front and looks in good condition. I’d bid on it, if I had the funds and could collect it! 😢...
  9. MuchAlohaNui

    Manual 1993/94 Specialized Bicycle Owner Handbook & New Bike Information

  10. M

    1994 Specialized Rockhopper comp, first upgrades

    Hello, I want to share my flea market find. I bought it for $150, bike is in perfect condition, but it turned out to be too small for me, so I made some alterations I replaced the stem with a high-rise BBB stem and the handlebars with Funn Full On bars Since I hate grip shifters, I took...
  11. moosemoosemoo

    Specialized Hardrock Ultra (1994)

    Thoughts, feedback and comments encouraged! You can also find me on =AT2ldR1tlG_V-mAUOWg42Tg3pdbZNflGLXmbFUafMTbE6dXQTY_LHmvP2xJnzfjsImjMV1DW2HaG5KqutxV5jWOeKttrPefQKU7MKcyo0ybVmSki0K3AT-Maa6E2CforFmdh2pGPaa32kwTUJtH3z6t8oKpxaMAD73OsK0U']instagram.com/upcycle.ist or...
  12. joglo

    Answer 1994 Parts

    Hi, still a bit surprised that i wasn't able to find the 1994 Answer Parts catalog in the archive or while using the search function in the scans section. This is a very nice catalog.
  13. valleyman

    Sold Selle Italia Flite Titanium Black Saddle 1994

    Selle Italia Flite Titanium black saddle leather from 1994 in mint conditions, slightly used, labels intact (red label), frame and rails in very good conditions. 130 Euros SOLD Price is in Euros without shipping cost, please contact me direct for an actual delivery quote to your country. Yes...
  14. GeneralOsik

    1994 Marin Pine Mountain Custom Blue & Yellow

    Frame: 1994 Marin Pine Mountain 17.5" in blue powder coat with yellow decals SN F34LA0292 Fork: Rock Shox Judy XC in yellow with Englud Total Air Cartridges, black Marin decals Headset: Chris King 1 1/8" threadless in black with logos Stem: ControlTech 1 1/8" threadless 120mm 5 degree rise in...
  15. Vesatoro

    Cannondale M600 1994, heritage build of 1998

    My first project (built 2020) in one piece. An 1994 M600 was stolen from me 1998. I never got it back, and I have had it in the back of my mind for over 20 years... It was a bike that I had bought and built with summerjob wages. Updating from LX/STX to XT/LX and most of other parts also. In my...
  16. Martin C

    For Sale Answer Manitou HT Hardtail 19" frame. 1993 / 1994 "USED"!

    This is a well "used" Answer Manitou Hardtail Frame. Amongst the (ab-)use it has seen are: -a crack in the BB shell -a crack at the junction of the seat stays and seat tube -cross threaded derailleur hanger which has been repaired with a helicoil that has now been removed. -2 dents in the top...
  17. fguki

    1994 MARIN Team FRS build up restoration thread full XTR M900 & Ringle

    Cheers folks! It is time for another build up-thread. Coming from the selling of my 1994 Marin "Bull Frog Trail" it is now finally time to take the 1994 Team FRS out of the corner of the shop and start workin on it. All the beautiful torquoise Ringle parts that came off my Bull Frog will be...
  18. R

    Gary Fisher Wahoo 1994/5

    Reluctantly thinking of selling my 18" Gary Fisher Wahoo as can no longer ride. In excellent condition (a few small spots of rust) with original parts apart from pedal crank which sheared and was replaced a couple of years ago. It's not had a lot of hard use as was living overseas and left it...
  19. digitalkreation

    WANTED: Barracuda Catalog - 1994

    Seeking both versions of 1994 catalog (original print or scans).
  20. rwm1962

    Orange Pricelists 1994

    1994 pricelist & revised October edition