Raleigh Dyna-Tech Pro

Once A Hero

Old School Grand Master
My first Raleigh…..was a BMX Burner. There may have been a Grifter and/or a Chopper in the household but my memory of that is blurry at best.
My last Raleigh…..was a Winner - in junior size.

That is until now 😁

With next to no knowledge of the Raleigh MTB product range other than the pale pink Mustang my mate had, and seeing what the pro team were riding in the early 90’s - those blue and yellow jobbies, I’ve never dabbled in Raleigh MTB ownership.

An opportunity arose recently to acquire “A Raleigh Dyna-Tech”, which was followed by a fuzzy non-drive side photo :rolleyes: of what appeared to me to be something of interest, and with the expert help of @Markybeau and @boy"O"boy I was confident that what I was looking at was a 1990/91 Dyna-Tech Pro, so a purchase was made :cool:


Doesn’t look too bad in the pictures, but I think it’s come to me just in time really as it clearly hasn’t seen a workshop in a long time.

Simple plan with this one will be to strip it right down, clean it as best I can, rebuild it, and enjoy it for a while before deciding if it has a permanent/long term place in my collection. I’ve got to say that I’m a fan of many bikes of this age - around the 1990 mark, so it stands a good chance of being a keeper.

The suggestion that the frame is the same as the Endeavour of the same vintage appears accurate from a few of the key details:


The specification is certainly not the Suntour XC Pro that it should have, but there’s evidence it may have been as the BB is a Suntour item.

At least it has the correct headset - albeit not yet undone…

For now it is just a frameset and a box of bits, but with a little luck and a smidge of time I should have this one up and running pretty quickly 👍
Doing some building today, after a thorough clean up.
There are plenty of battle scars and surface rust spots, but nothing that needs rectification for this build.

The headset was really gummed up, but is now running smoothly - though could probably do with replacing or new bearings at least.



I’ve raided my parts box set aside for another project and *may* get this one finished today.
Had to bring it into the house which means my pictures won’t be clear enough to post any progress, so hopefully it’ll be complete and in the daylight tomorrow 👍
Looks awesome - very nice and super speedy work!

First thing that came into my head when I saw what you achieved was 'It Was A Good Day' by Ice Cube!
Really enjoyed putting this one together, I think it looks better in the metal than pictures - largely down to my photographic abilities!

Couple of points I’m not happy with or would like to correct;
- stem; I’d like to find one more in keeping with the OEM, with the internal cable routing
- bars; currently wearing a set of very narrow, badly cut Taperlites
- saddle; it’s a ‘92 Flite. I have nothing earlier than that in my spares.
- seatpost; I think it’s supposed to take a 27mm, but I’ve struggled to get a 26.8mm too far in without unnecessary twisting

I’ll write the full spec up shortly 🙂