Pinarello Galileo year unknown freebie


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Engineer at work asked if I’d be interested in a Road bike he no longer uses,
Alu Pinarello Galileo unknown year
Carbon fork
Mix shimano Ultegra and 105 brakes and gears.
Wheels are Mavic Cosmic elite 9 speed, planning on strip down. Headset and BB are notchie and new chain minimum cables and poss cassette, and wheels need stripping too to prob replace bearing.
Hopefully be stripped in next few days.
Atm cost to me nothing.4C27887F-F07B-4543-9208-62B73596B792.jpegCBAF872E-2261-44A7-8E00-CA0437752AA7.jpeg


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Hi, I've got a Galileo which I have now striped for another build, it's got different tube profiles and smooth welds though... and I haven't got a clue what year...?



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This is a 2003 Pinarello Galileo which has the same paint scheme as the OP's bike, but I would suggest that the OP's "Pinarello" isn't a genuine Pinarello as mentioned above with the very visible welding, different rear mech hanger, external headset cups, different decals and no pantographing under the bottom bracket shell.