1989 Muddy Fox Seeker restoration

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MuddyFred":2s3z0615 said:
I've been searching high and low for a rear wheel disc, but can't find one. Unless anyone here has one for sale, I'll make one. I've seen some instructions on the internet for making plain ones. I guess I could make one using yellow plastic, and make some stencils and spray the Muddy Fox logos on.


There were a few on sales on ebay a short while ago, so thet are still out there.
Regarding making your own or buying a blank and adding MF logo etc
There is a guy on the forum who has an amazing ability to professional reproduce just about and decal you can image/,desire

Welcome to retro bike, nice to have a new member who's first post isn't ..
I want to sell you guys my Raleigh Amazon for near new price


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Great job! Paintwork looks awesome!

I have an 89 seeker. Was my daily rider for a good while and will be again when its working. I have the saddle on a shelf in the shed but its in a bit of a state.