Max Jones’ Kona Hot TET 769 Build


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Yeah but think of the prices things will be going for 28 years from now!

He's basically starting a high interest savings account!


This bike looks like it has every chance of being amazing.

I know you're 15 and forums aren't cool, but for those of us that don't have Instagram you should consider updating this thread with your build progress too!

I'm sure plenty of us would love to see it
Nice, although I'm inclined to say you should hold out and save up for that P2...

Might be that someone on here has one they'd be tempted to let go.

It is, after all, going to go to a good home!

With the provenance of the frame, it must surely be tempting to try and find out it's original spec and build it to that?

Although I understand that's easier (and cheaper) said than done!
Yeah, i am planning on saving up for one or willing to have someone give me one :) that being said i am going for og spec, ive already gotten a titanium seatpost an obeam one and xtr front and rear derailleurs How would i go about having a moderator move it, im kinda new here


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Well done on getting this up (and for purchasing the frame in the end!) I know you were debating it.

It's the first time that I've seen these pics - and from the remaining diamond Tange Ultimate / Ultrastrong sticker, along with the photos of the bottom bracket, where the paint definitely looks nice and thin, shows its very likely the original paint. Is there any metallic fleck in there? Can't tell.

Hope lots of people give you support for the build. As pw_pw_la commented, do get a triple-butted P2, in any condition. You can sensitively refurbish it. Look for a worse-for-wear complete bike, like a 93 donor Cindercone, for example, as it could work out cheaper than hunting for a P2 alone at near the same cost.

Top tip - get some T Cut or G3 Farecla compound (follow instructions carefully) to take out scratches in the varnish and then polish.

XT or XTR groupset would be superb. Good luck and look forward to seeing the results.


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Hi, my name is Eli, I'm 15 and have a passion for restoring old bikes, i have recently come upon a 1993 Kona Hot TET #769, the previous owner got it from a privateer who was a pro/ semi pro racer from Kelowna, Canada who got the frame custom made and sent to him by Kona for his race season, it was painted with a custom black racer exclusive paint with no decals except for tange the Eastern BC season either ‘93 or ‘94 he got in a bad wreck after trying to pull a bar whip and broke his collarbone, he retired the frame for two years then pleasure rode it. It was sent to him from Kona kitted out with an xtr groupo and titanium obeam seatpost, if you have any idea who the privateer might have been please comment below, or any info that might send me on the right track. To follow the progress of the build follow @retrokonas on instagram.
At last the build is complete, planning on adding a velocity stem and p2 later down the road as money comes. It has shimano paralax hubs, xt hub in the rear, xtr front and rear derailleurs, the original obeam and a plethora of parts from a donor bike including the fork which was serviced recently before i bought the donor bike. More pics and specs will come soon!


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