retro bike build

  1. A

    Attaching Di2 to Weinmann levers

    Has anyone combined di2 with weinmann levers? I want to keep the aesthetic of the retro drilled levers but the pinnacle of modern cycling tech Happy to see a campo (like the record/ 50th anniversary groupset) with the latest campo electronic shifting If so how did you do it please! Pics -...
  2. CROB

    '96 Giant Terrago, Euro Aluminium Model

    Posting some pics of a recent build. Frame is a 1996 Giant Terrago, aluminium model. This one is from the Netherlands I believe, but not been able to find the catalogue entry for it yet. Most of the parts have been swapped out to build it up to LX overall, including hubs, cranks, derailleur...
  3. M

    Raleigh nitro re-build

    hi guys, new here. ive rencelty got my hands on a Raleigh nitro to do a rebuild on. my bike was stolen recently and I've wanted to build a retro mtb for some time. so here it goes. I know its heavy but I don't mind, I'm used to little or no gears as i usually have road bikes. in my mind I...
  4. L

    Frame Brand ID, Help

    Hello I just bought this frame a few weeks ago, can anybody help me identify the brand or something about it, I'll apriciety it a lot. Thanks everyone :)
  5. B

    Sold 1993 Specialized Rockhopper Custom Build 20"

    Hey all, Selling my 1993 Rockhopper in purple/blue metallic fade. Built for the ex and had sat in the she shed for years now gathering dust. The frame is great condition with that beautiful 90's fade. Full spec below, can get more pictures upon request. Direct Drive full butted CrMo frame...
  6. S

    Carlton Grand Prix - build

    I'm in the process of building a Carlton Grand Prix (1981) from scratch. I'm trying to find a spec or part list for the original bike - a list of all parts, sizes, etc. I think there is 1981 Road bike catalog around which might list these. Would be great if anyone has any ideas where I can...
  7. Samiamcycling

    Alpinestars - 30 years later...

    30 years ago this coming Christmas, my bike was stolen during the only burglary I’ve ever had. 16 year old Samiamcycling was devastated that my first ‘proper’ mountain bike was stolen…. Today, thanks to wonderful people on the internet who helped find, sell, store and transport the bike, I have...
  8. CCampbell

    Saracen Rush 1999 DH bike

    This is my dads 1999 Saracen Rush frame that came with a Stratos Helix Pro shock, Stratos MX6 forks (165mm travel), planet X seatpost, planet X stem (which we swapped because bar diameters have changed since then), and a cane creak headset. The bike sat for years and my dad never had chance to...

    1994 Klein Attitude

    Hi All, Just finished my dream build... a 1994 Klein Attitude with Spinergy Rev X Roks wheels, period correct XTR group set and Topline cranks (ignore the tires and pedals, they are just temporary). Picked it a couple of years ago (minus the wheels - I already had those kicking around the...
  10. T

    Wanted Parts wanted - 29.6mm seatpost clamp + seatpost, 130mm 25.4mm stem (1 1/8th)

    I'm after the above parts - can't find anything online second hand. Anyone got some bits in the shed?
  11. E

    Kona Cinder Cone Frame and Project Twos

    Hi Have put my frame and forks on eBay. Think it’s was ‘96 when bought it. Hoping someone can give it a new lease of life. Kona Cinder Cone thanks Ed
  12. R

    Wanted Cannondale Headshok Moto 120 hub???

    Hi everyone, Has any one got any components for a Headshok Moto 120 fork available for sale or donation?! I am particularly keen to find a Coda Moto 120 hub and matching axle. it’s for an old Cannondale Super V free ride restomod. Any takers?
  13. Emczerosix

    Max Jones’ Kona Hot TET 769 Build

    Hi, my name is Eli, I'm 15 and have a passion for restoring old bikes, i have recently come upon a 1993 Kona Hot TET #769, the previous owner got it from a privateer who was a pro/ semi pro racer from Kelowna, Canada who got the frame custom made and sent to him by Kona for his race season, it...