retro bike build


    1994 Klein Attitude

    Hi All, Just finished my dream build... a 1994 Klein Attitude with Spinergy Rev X Roks wheels, period correct XTR group set and Topline cranks (ignore the tires and pedals, they are just temporary). Picked it a couple of years ago (minus the wheels - I already had those kicking around the...
  2. T

    Wanted Parts wanted - 29.6mm seatpost clamp + seatpost, 130mm 25.4mm stem (1 1/8th)

    I'm after the above parts - can't find anything online second hand. Anyone got some bits in the shed?
  3. E

    Kona Cinder Cone Frame and Project Twos

    Hi Have put my frame and forks on eBay. Think it’s was ‘96 when bought it. Hoping someone can give it a new lease of life. Kona Cinder Cone thanks Ed
  4. R

    Wanted Cannondale Headshok Moto 120 hub???

    Hi everyone, Has any one got any components for a Headshok Moto 120 fork available for sale or donation?! I am particularly keen to find a Coda Moto 120 hub and matching axle. it’s for an old Cannondale Super V free ride restomod. Any takers?
  5. Emczerosix

    Max Jones’ Kona Hot TET 769 Build

    Hi, my name is Eli, I'm 15 and have a passion for restoring old bikes, i have recently come upon a 1993 Kona Hot TET #769, the previous owner got it from a privateer who was a pro/ semi pro racer from Kelowna, Canada who got the frame custom made and sent to him by Kona for his race season, it...