1. 1

    Manual of vintage Ritchey Logic headset

    Hello bikers, I have parts of two 90s Ritchey Logic headsets, but I don't know how to assemble those parts. Does anyone here have a manual of old Ritchey Logic headsets? Is the quality of those old headsets on par with modern headsets? Thanks.
  2. C

    For Sale Tommasini Tecno Columbus Genius Frame Set

    Tommasini Tecno Frame Set 90's Size 55x55cm cc Columbus Genius Frame1980g Fork 660g Chromed frame and lugs Shipping from Holland Paypal only €650,- excluding shipping
  3. C

    1988 Raleigh Technium mountain bike

    So I was able to save this vintage mountain bike from the landfill. Hopefully someone can give me some additional information about it. The bike has XT 6-speed shifters, XT drive train minus the front derailleur which is a newer sram. The main tubes look almost like carbon? Does have the rear XT...
  4. A

    For Sale Concorde Columbus - 50 - Dura Ace for sale
  5. happycappy1314

    Could this be a Holdsworth Cyclone?

    I run a youth cycling program and sometimes people will donate the darnedest things. This bike came to me with a story of a man who was serving in WW2, bought the bike and brought it back to the states, road across the country a handful of times and then just set it aside. Since then, someone...
  6. zazu

    Winter beater - Concorde

    Something around June manage to find Concorde Colombo ~85's frame made out of CROMOR steel with a plan to make it road bike with new group, but at the end manage to buy proper gravel bike Cannondale Topstone 105 for bikepacking. So decided to make winter beater so i can travel to work. As...
  7. B

    For Sale 1963 Claud Butler Super Coureur - Restoration Project

    Looking to sell my late father's Claud Butler Super Coureur which is in need of a full restoration. This is what I know/understand about it: Frame number: 14629 Original colour: Bright Green Flamboyant Made in 1962 for the launch of the 1963 brochure (been informed that it would've been made by...
  8. D

    For Sale Rare Raleigh Racing Bike SBDU Vintage 1970s, 54cm, red, very good condition

    Beautiful vintage Raleigh racing bike. Originally built around 1976 and refurbished around early/mid 90s. The serial number is SB962, which means it was one of the first 1000 built by Raleigh's SBDU department, the custom workshop at Raleigh that built all the professional team and custom frames...
  9. Crispybike


    Campagnolo Wheelset VELOCE hubset VGC Vintage rims Clincher Fir EL 202, 36h, 8 speed wheel road You will receive exactly what you see in the pictures!! Rim Type: Clincher Rim Size: 700c Label Markings: FiR EL202 Eyelets: Double Material: Aluminum Spoke Drillings: 36 Valve Drilling...
  10. Crispybike


    ARAYA SUPER AERO 700c front wheel SHIMANO DURA ACE hub vintage, Clincher, 32h You will receive exactly what you see in the pictures!! Rim Type: Clincher Rim Size: 700c Name: Araya Super Aero Brand: Araya Material: Aluminum Spoke Drillings: 32 Valve Drilling: Schrader Hub: Dura Ace 7400 In...
  11. Crispybike

    Sold Campagnolo Avanti Groupset Vintage Bike Road Set Derailleur Cranckset Levers Vgc

    Hello, how you doing? i've prepared something special for you Package contains: - Cyclo Man Italian Handlebars, Clamp Diameter: 26 mm Approximate measurements - 42cm outside to outside; 37cm centre to centre. Weight: 346 grams - Cyclo Man Stem - clamp 26mm, length 94mm, ∅ 22mm Weight: 300...
  12. C

    1992 Gary Fisher Sphinx info request

    So I purchased this bike today off Craigslist. Older lady had it for sale with almost no background on the bike. Haven't been able to find much information about it on the internet. Originally thought it was a old MTB but right after I purchased it I realized it has 700c x 40c tires. Got it for...
  13. E

    Selling NOS Ambrosio Metamorphosis, Synthesis and Formula 20 rims, 26inch

    Hi all, I am selling: - 4 pair of NOS (still in original packing) Ambrosio Metamorphosis for tubulars, 26 inch, rims - 2 pair of NOS (still in original packing) Ambrosio Formula 20 for tubulars, 26 inch, rims - 1 pair of NOS (still in original packing) Ambrosio Synthesis for tubulars, 26 inch...
  14. G

    Claud Butler - Mystery model (1950s)

    Hi all First time post so be nice.:) My dad passed with CV19 in Dec last year and left me his pride and joy of which I have attached some pictures. I have had Northwood Cycles refurbish the running gear and give it a very decent (but sympathetic) clean up. Now I need help to identify it...
  15. V

    For Sale Scott Endorphin frame - M

    Vintage Scott Endorphin MTB frame Size M 26" Good condition. Vintage retro MTB 400€ - PAYPAL plus fees Shipping not included Please contact for more info.
  16. C

    Withdrawn Campagnolo C Record 8v Groupset parts

    Ergo shifters + Modolo handlebar stem — €230 shipped Front and rear derailleurs — €135 shipped Brake set — €95 shipped Price negotiable for the lot Shipping from Netherlands PP only
  17. Crispybike

    Sold Vuelta Airline 4 Wheelset Vintage Aero Rims Old Hubs Wheels Shimano 700c Speed

    Vintage Aero Vuelta Airline 4 Road Bike Wheels Racing Hubs Shimano High Flange Rims: Vuelta Airline 4 Hubs: Shimano Large Flange Spoke Drillings: 36 In case you have any questions, I will be happy to answer. The product is packaged. Ready to get to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Price...
  18. Emczerosix

    Max Jones’ Kona Hot TET 769 Build

    Hi, my name is Eli, I'm 15 and have a passion for restoring old bikes, i have recently come upon a 1993 Kona Hot TET #769, the previous owner got it from a privateer who was a pro/ semi pro racer from Kelowna, Canada who got the frame custom made and sent to him by Kona for his race season, it...
  19. B

    Sold Raleigh USA Technium Aluminum 1988 - a truly rare and vintage find!

    I am sure that you are all aware of the history of the Technium bikes Raleigh produced back in the 80s... After the successful road bike series, they started the first Technium line for MTBs as well in 1988 and that is where this frame comes from! This Raleigh USA Technium Aluminum comes in...
  20. C

    Withdrawn K2 MTB Vintage Shimano XT M730

    K2 99 Comp Aluminium Frame Rock Shox fork Shimano XT M730 Full Group Set (Except pedals) Araya rims, DT Swiss spokes 3ttt handlebar