1. D

    For Sale 1993 Marin Indian Fire Trail + Pace Kevlar RC-35 Fork.

    I have 1993 (or19994) Marin Indian Fire Trail with a Pace RC-35 fork that I am wondering if I can find a better home for. I have owned the bike since late 1994 but it has not seen much action in the last 15 years! Can supply more pics if interested! Shimano XT shifters, Shimano DX gears and hubs...
  2. Wobblyfish

    Claud Butler Miura - bang average, but still resplendent with its Psycho boots on.

    Well it won't excite that many folk, as 'dripping with oddles of Shimano Altus' is rarely a grand opening gambit. Neither are the Kalin bar ends made from recycled Fray Bentos pie tins. Nor is the Reynolds CrMo sticker going get many salivating. Also, I'm sure like myself, rapidly approaching...
  3. juice.bikes

    Juice Bikes Jumble In Partnership with Mind In Haringey - Saturday 14th August 2021 <<<<<

    Hello from the team at Juice Bikes ! - We are working with Mind - Mental Health Charity to put on our first local bicycle jumble on Saturday 14th August. Mind Charity have a large hall and outdoor space located at - 73c Stapleton Hall Road - N4 3QF, We will be hosting about 15 selling tables...
  4. H

    For Sale Marin Bobcat Trail. 1993 model.

    Frame - CroMo steel - a few spots of superificial rust. Photo is of the worst bit. But as you can see, its pretty good for 30yr old bike. No dents or dings. Fork is straight. The paint inside the rear stays says its not been run much. No big chain slap dings etc. The rest of it: 80% complete...
  5. R

    Wanted Cannondale Headshok Moto 120 hub???

    Hi everyone, Has any one got any components for a Headshok Moto 120 fork available for sale or donation?! I am particularly keen to find a Coda Moto 120 hub and matching axle. it’s for an old Cannondale Super V free ride restomod. Any takers?
  6. W

    Retro Klein 90’s Storm Jersey

    Hi all, I’m a newbie and was hoping for a little advice! I’ve recently gotten back into MTB after a 25+ year absence. But way back in 1995 I was an extremely hard working and very fortunate 16 year old who was the proud owner of a tricked out Klein Attitude in gator linear fade with Rock Shox...
  7. Team bbr

    1988 Specialized restored by us at Bristol bicycle restorations

    Evening all! I am new to retro bicycle forums and all that malarkey! But I thought some of you would enjoy my work, I have just completed this restoration on a customers 1988 Specialized rockhopper frame set. as you can tell I try my best to set the mark high, should anyone need paint work or...
  8. E

    Selling NOS Ambrosio Metamorphosis, Synthesis and Formula 20 rims, 26inch

    Hi all, I am selling: - 4 pair of NOS (still in original packing) Ambrosio Metamorphosis for tubulars, 26 inch, rims - 2 pair of NOS (still in original packing) Ambrosio Formula 20 for tubulars, 26 inch, rims - 1 pair of NOS (still in original packing) Ambrosio Synthesis for tubulars, 26 inch...
  9. G

    Claud Butler - Mystery model (1950s)

    Hi all First time post so be nice.:) My dad passed with CV19 in Dec last year and left me his pride and joy of which I have attached some pictures. I have had Northwood Cycles refurbish the running gear and give it a very decent (but sympathetic) clean up. Now I need help to identify it...
  10. K

    Pashley Princess

    Hello, some help and advice please. I have a Pashley Princess which I am considering selling (just down sized and space is at a premium!). I would grateful for an idea as to it's worth please. Description as follows: - Age Nov 1989 as indicated on rear hub - Rod brakes - 3 speed sturmey archer...
  11. V

    For Sale Scott Endorphin frame - M

    Vintage Scott Endorphin MTB frame Size M 26" Good condition. Vintage retro MTB 400€ - PAYPAL plus fees Shipping not included Please contact for more info.
  12. R

    Dawes Countryman - Mid 80’s

    Hi All.. I have had this bike since new but has been neglected for quite a few years.. can anyone advise if this is something that is: Worth selling Worth renovating & selling... Thanks in advance! RRA
  13. Emczerosix

    Withdrawn Max Jones’ 1993 Kona Hot TET769

    Hi, i am selling max jones’ (2x world champion, Mtb hall of famer) 1993 Kona Hot custom made by Tom Teesdale, it was sent to him with a coat of custom black race paint and no decals except the tange ultimate, it has a fluted down tube, xtr front and rear, a titanium obeam seatpost, various parts...
  14. Emczerosix

    Max Jones’ Kona Hot TET 769 Build

    Hi, my name is Eli, I'm 15 and have a passion for restoring old bikes, i have recently come upon a 1993 Kona Hot TET #769, the previous owner got it from a privateer who was a pro/ semi pro racer from Kelowna, Canada who got the frame custom made and sent to him by Kona for his race season, it...
  15. A

    Giant atx 1 advise /offers

    looking to see whats this is worth open to offers swaps possibly