1. D

    Found bike, trying to figure out year

    This bike was abandoned next to a dumpster and I have checked through all sources and can't find any sign of it having been reported stolen. It's in pretty rough shape, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth fixing or if I should just give it to one of those bike donation places. I'm hoping...
  2. MCA4President

    Sold Kona Nunu 2000 19"

    I'm selling my 2000 Kona Nunu 19". It's had a full strip down and rebuild, with some lovely Fox shocks adorning the front instead of the horrendous Rock Shox Jett forks they originally came with. Collection from GL10, Stonehouse in Gloucestershire, near J13 M5. Price £160 but open to offers...
  3. W

    For Sale Kona - Jake the Snake - Cross Bike

    Nice cross bike in good condition, good for introduction to cross or gravel. 49cm fram (S), Shimano 105 / Deore mix, 46T/36T crankset, 12:25 cassette. Dewy levers. Avid Shorty 4 cantis. Looking for £200.
  4. H

    1992 Kona Fire Mountain restomod

    I picked up a rusty piece of junk last summer and ended up doing a pretty comprehensive rebuild/restomod https://hannu.blog/2024/01/26/1992-kona-fire-mountain/
  5. CCampbell

    All my Kona’s!

    00 Roast Out of Bounds 04 Stuff Out of Bounds 05 Hoss Clydesdale hardtail 06 Scrap Out of Bounds Frame (orange) 07 Scrap Out of Bounds (looking to get an Out of Bounds Coiler and a Back Country Dawg frame soon) My Dad got me into Kona’s when I was younger he had a 2004 coiler deluxe. And he...
  6. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Sex Too

    Introducing my latest purchase, John Balmer's 1995 Kona Sex Too. I recently purchased this 1995 Kona Custom Cruiser, from a personal friend of former Kona employee John Balmer. I had originally passed on this one, but I couldn't stop thinking about having all three 'New for 1995' Kona bikes...
  7. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Custom Cruiser Stars & Bars

    Shock and awe. That is what I felt when I woke up last Saturday, after receiving an offer for a bike I never thought I would have a chance to buy. I had slept until noon, after riding my Trek 990 until 1 AM with my friends until my Cateye batteries died, and I woke up to a message from my...
  8. P

    Wanted Kona titanium 'Project 2' fork

    Yes i know! seldom seen. But I'm happy to part with big money to complete my King kahuna Build. Thanks
  9. P

    Help identifying 90's Kona

  10. C

    Unidentified Kona

    Hey folks… does anyone have a clue as to what Kona this is and what the ballpark resale value is? Thanks (:
  11. Lui V

    Kona PhD - frame colour ?

    Hi Retro folks A friend of mine gave me a fairly patinated Kona PhD frame. Thing is that I'll have brush down some severe oxidation in the rear frame including the BB area. It could be fixed with some black Hammerite and a new black carbon fork. But if I could get hold of the name of the...
  12. F

    Wanted Kona Lava Done, Cinder Cone or Kilauea 19”

    Hi all, I’m in the market for a 19” Kona Lava Dome, Cinder Cone or Kilauea frame, and if possible P2 forks. Ideally located in Devon or Cornwall but can venture further into Somerset/Dorset should something nice turn up! Many thanks, Felix
  13. J

    Wanted 95 Kona Headset wanted

    Hi all, Some help if you will... I'm REALLY keen to put my P2's back on my 95 Lava Dome, but in my young stupidity and eagerness to move forward, I binned off my lovely red Control Center headset. Can anyone help me out with similar? Impact or Control Center, any colour. Pleeeeeeease...
  14. V

    Can anyone help me ID this older Kona road bike model?

    I've been digging through catalogues all day and I can't seem to nail down which model this bike is. My best guess (and prayer) at this point is a Haole, because the rear dropouts have a window cut out that I haven't seen on any Kapu models. I have a picture of the drive side, non-drive side...
  15. K


    Hi all, I’m looking for some help / advice. My father was previously an avid user of retrobike under the name Kirbdug and had a small collection. Unfortunately in December he passed suddenly leaving behind some of his mountain bikes. I’ve little knowledge of the bikes, mostly because one...
  16. L-Note

    Wanted P2s with long steerer

    After a set of P2s with a long steerer, non threaded. Please let me know if you have some you’d be willing to part with! Thanks
  17. GeneralOsik

    1995 Kona Kilauea

    I finally found one of my dream bikes! I recently bought a 1991 Scott Boulder from my friend Matt for $150, and I hadn't picked it up yet. On Friday evening, Matt showed me this bike listed on Facebook Marketpalce, and basically bought back the Scott so I could go buy this bike. The listing was...
  18. L-Note

    Withdrawn Project 2s wanted

    Hi all, after a couple of pairs of Project 2s - for 2 20inch 1995 Kona frames so the longer the steerer the better. Please let me know if you have any or know of any for sale, cheers.
  19. M

    Wanted MTB in 16" KONA Explosif, Kilauea, Hot or similar in SUNN, MARIN

    Hi there! I am looking for a complete steel bike or a frame kit in 16" ore very close, because I am only 160cm (5'3") tall. My favorite Kona's era is 1991-1997 and I would prefer rigid fork (project 2) but I am willing to consider other propositions. If you have a Sunn or Marin equivalent in...
  20. MuchAlohaNui

    Kona A'ha Stars & Bars 1997

    :Intro: Hello Kona, Clunker, Beach Cruiser, Hybrid and Single Speed lovers, The hope is a somewhat quick turn around on this build in time for late Spring and early Summer. I think the wheel combination will be the biggest hurdle to overcome, and in that any guidance you are willing to share...