Great big Singlespeed thread!

I cocked up. 🤦‍♂️

I decided in the end on a Halo Fat Cog, which arrived today. What I didn’t realise is that being designed for 1/8 single speed chains it is too wide for my current chain. If I run an 1/8 chain, it’ll probably foul my derailleur (tensioner) and won’t grip on the narrow-wide ring as well.

My single speed uses part worn 11 speed chains off my road bike, so I won’t be able to ‘recycle’ those anymore. I have considered putting the cog in the lathe and skimming 1mm off, but then I’d cut through the chrome and hardening.

Springtime legs and lungs: completely shot, no conditioning whatsoever. Perfect time for the onespeed View attachment 834568
Can't shift, just have to push harder
My mum says you’re a bad influence on me and Mrs Lostcause isn’t too happy with you either or at least she won’t be when she finds out what I’ve brought home now. Anyway inspired by you, this happened IMG_5163.png IMG_5164.png IMG_5165.png