'97 Kona HOT build thread

update :

ok, so here's what it's looking like currently - haven't done much to it, really, just the bars & stem. oh, picked up that seat at a garage sale for $0.50, it's just a crappy one from Canadian Tire I think? not sure, but it's better than the old man one that came w/it. anywho, happy Chrissy all...

as promised, here's a couple pics I quickly shot after work today. not the best quality I realize, but I was tired. am still waiting on my fork and wheel set still, anyways - I was drinking a beer just staring at it so I figured I should share. got the CK dreadset(poorly) installed, some nice vintage looking Oury BMX grips, set of Chesters & that gorgeous 170mm Turbine crankset finally installed, as well. took off the smoke & dart combo I had on there for a while and slapped the baldish velociraptors because the bike just felt too squirrely with them on - dunno if I'm just too used to new bikes now or what but it just didn't feel at all pleasant. am sure that stem has a lot to do w/it as well & am currently shopping around for a shorter one. got a bead on a lovely XY seat post & will probly grab that this weekend, just gotta make sure it's the right size.

question : how comfortable are the old leather flite saddles? I've never owned one & it's really all you see on the nice old bikes - are they worth it?

have a great weekend, all!!!

when I said I had the dreadset poorly installed, have a see @ all those new chips on the head tube...:( . the guy never owned up to it, either - I only noticed because I had to tighten it up again after a couple rides. was NOT impressed.


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I'm a Flite fanboy, it's the only saddle I use...even on the 29er Hei Hei and I use a modern road version for the Esatto 🤣
just grabbed a more “appropriate looking” set of turbine lp’s, as the red didn’t match all that well & will look much better on the blue ‘98 Explosif frame anyhow. man, this thing is really starting to come together nicely, imo. stay tuned, folks…;)