Withdrawn Dave Yates Vulcan frame


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Just want to be honest with everyone,firstly i've offered it to someone on here (sunympholepsy) who asked last year to be informed if i ever sold it,which i've just done so if they say yes then it will be sold to them if not then anyone who wants it gets it.

Well i've lost my marbles and decided it's time to move my rare Dave Yates Vulcan frame on,it's beautiful wall art but i'm never gonna get round to building it how i want to so now it's time to sell and let someone else do it justice.
Everything is lovely fillet brazed Columbus tubing ignore that Reynolds 653 sticker.
The frame measures 18.5 inches from centre of bb to the top of the seatube, the frame takes a one inch steerer fork and the headtube measures 152mm. The rear dropouts measure 130mm all threads are fine and there's no dings it's perfect 👌

Pricewise i'd like to get back what i paid for it in 2021 which was £700 posted to me, the frame will be fully insured, boxed and bubble wrapped to an inch of its life to protect it from any damage.
UK postage only and please show interest on here first before sending a private message.



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Very nice Chris
LOVE THAT! I know you were on the hunt for forks for this beauty. Shame you're having to let it go, but rideable bikes aren't wall art in my opinion and would love to see this built up. I see @incorrigible has been tagged. Might be a tad too big, but we'll let him decide on that. I can see this sitting nicely in @sinnerman's line up. He might already have one?
Just remembered a couple of things, after looking through my PayPal it wasn't £750 it was actually £700 posted to me so i've just changed that.
Secondly realising i haven't done a photo of the underneath i remembered awhile back i put a post up on the Mtb chat section about the location of the serial number and had been sanding some of the paint off the bb to find it and couldn't. Some people said if it wasn't on the bb it could be on the top of it or maybe on the seatube or on the forks which i never got with the frame. I sanded some paint off like you see in the photos but stopped at that because i didn't want to take anymore paint off,just thought i'd point that bit out so there's no misunderstanding.


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