Da funk is this...


rBotM Winner
Theres a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
It's time to stop messing around
And get this build shifting up a gear.....


I'm still finding other things to do...
Someone gimme a slap....I need a gear shifter πŸ˜†


rBotM Winner
Oh dear..... Anything not to make the shifter...
Found a better donor derailleur for the crack pipe tensioner...better spring....better chromed bolt and a much better back plate dooferette...
All a different stack height/length so just a simple mill off the back of the bowl..πŸ™„

And recut the inside of the bowl...!! Jeez...
And more fiddlin of faffy holes ...!! πŸ˜‚


And now....

The bugger binds up! Oh why did I do that....πŸ™„
I thinks the spring is dodging down that rebated hole...and locking up on the bolt.....s'pose I gotta make a nylon bushing now!
Fun....it never ends....πŸ˜†

I need...



rBotM Winner
Up early in the workshop this morning and not prepared to be beaten by this tensioner πŸ‘
Problem resolved....after trying 3 different springs in all four of those little adjustment holes ...that's 24 different permutations ! Sorted....

I'd been faffing with the wrong spring πŸ˜‚

It lands exactly where I need it...now to get the whizzy whizzy dizzy wheel on πŸ‘

How am I gonna attach it?
Dunno yet....but it's beer time...inspiration will undoubtedly follow 😁


rBotM Winner
I'm so dizzy my jockey wheel is spinning....

Another load of old crank...you'll do...let's smash you around a bit..😁

Some cunning holes,spot faced and roughly shaped...

Took 2 attempts....some klutz forgot to make a note of the angle didn't he! Sack him I say ...

And just like that my whizzy whizzy dizzy wheel understands chainline....well done....


Time to trim the arm and give it a right good buff 😁

Do I give it a detail on the end to match my bullet valve caps? πŸ€”