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    Hi - I see you bought the RaceFace XY seatpost thru another post and hoping you can help.

    I have the same post but noticed the width between the rail slots of the clamp is 38mm, this is a problem as all the seats I have their rails are ~44mm apart. So there is a huge gap and the seat is loose/rattles unless I completely tighten the clamps and bend the rails.

    Any insight you can provide would be very helpful. Thanks


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    nice photo by the way - Southend?

    Yep, Syncros seatpost is yours.
    Excellent choice - it's a lovely thing.
    What's your full name and address?
    Would PP be OK for you? And if you could do gift or 4pc for fees that would be great.
    My pp handle is
    total 33.00 gbp including postage.
    Best and thanks
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