Boulder Intrepid AL (Finished!)


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It has been a very swaggy Monday indeed! From a bike shop's wall in Plymouth Missouri:

To my house:

Its been on that wall for nearly ten years, love the dust on the frame!
Let the madness ensue, anew...

The serial number is 70278, and I'm not sure of the year, though I'm guessing 1992. Can anyone help me confirm the year?


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Wow. That is great. I would love love love to have a Boulder...

Great score... :cool:


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Thanks guys!

It got held up at the border for a while so I have had to be patient, and there isn't a lot of information on these bikes, so I had no idea what I would need for the build. The description on ebay was pretty limited (maybe why I got such a good deal) but when it showed up I was pleasantly surprised at the near-mint condition of the frame, and the Cook Bros. cranks, the stem, Suntour XC brakes, etc.. The forks even have the custom made Boulder brace. Damn, I was hoping to use a different fork, maybe it will fit onto another model of Rock Shox...?

The Brahma bars are cool in their way, but won't stay on this bike. How to get those loooong grips off?!?!

The headset looks to be a 1 1/4" XTR HP 902, which is pretty obscure. I have an XTR 900 gruppo kicking around, so I guess that is the route I am going to take. I'm going to need a 34.9" bottom pull front derailleur, and a 30.2mm seatpost. The seatpost can be really short, because of the interrupted seat tube. And as lovely as the Answer stem is, I have a feeling it is going to be too long (150mm).


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