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If you want some bmx/cruiser bars, have you considered the Stooge Junker? He’s got them in stock in both 85 and 100 rise. Not cheap but comparable to the Surly.


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That's ace, glad to hear they're available somewhere, and that international shipping worked out for you. I'm considering purchasing some forks for a different bike from overseas, but I'm always wary for some reason! 🤷🏼
I can pre order a pair of these sunrise pups here in the UK, it's only another month and I'm in no particular rush.
I saw you fitted some the to the inbred. It looks great! I like that project you've created and it's cool to see how it's evolved.
I might get too impatient for the sunrise bars and build it with some stuff I've got kicking around, as I think the brakes will arrive this week. They're the final component and only thing I didn't have spares of. Wish I had a box of useable spare disc brakes!
Generally I've had pretty good experiences with orders from overseas. They can take a while but my nearest and dearest say I need to learn patience so . . .

I'd be tempted to build it up with available parts and then swap them out as new stuff comes in. Having the half-finished project sitting there waiting for bits does my head in (patience again . . .)


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Ok so I finally managed to source a left hand crank that I was happy with (M737). It doesn't match the driveside White Industries crank, but I'm ok with that. I like them both and I had a tight budget to complete this.
I also stripped down a Highball I was sharing with my brother in law, so have drivetrain and brakes from that to use.
I might try and build it this coming week. I think I'm going with:

Tange Disc fork
King headset
RaceFace Turbine Basic stem 70mm (35 clamp)
RaceFace Affect Bar (modern, 20ish mm rise)
Santa Cruz Palmdale Grips
1x11 NX with GX 10-42 Cassette
White Industries (Sugino) / M737 Cranks
Stridsland Narrow wide ring 38t
An old XT BB that I hope works with frame and cranks.
SRAM level hydro brakes. 160mm SRAM discs.
Hope pro2 Evo hubs on very old de-stickered Stan's flow 27.5" rims.
WTB 47c road plus tyres (I forget model)
Carbon post that came with frame
WTB volt saddle
My old XTR trail SPD's (if they still spin)

I've no idea how it'll size up..
Will the stem be too short and make it handle terribly?
Maybe the BB/cranks just won't work and I'll be forced to buy some expensive cranks...
The hubs need servicing but I REALLY cba.
The headset needs servicing too. Same cba vibes there.
I have no time to get into the shed. It's not been touched since I mocked it up and took that pic in August or whenever it was. My little boy takes most of my time and energy. 20 months is a challenging age it seems.
Maybe I'll try and bolt it together in time for an early coffee+bacon ride I've planned with some old mates on Sunday morning...


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Got thus far...
I don't have a spare front skewer... Great.

Front brake hose looks a little short, but I'll get away with it. These bars are a ridonkulous 860mm+ so I've only got myself to blame.

Small issue regards what brake mounts to use, but reckon the standard IS to post mount just needs the avid bevelled washers and I'll have the clearance. The IS +20 was too tall

Need a new olive to attach the rear hose to the lever.

Bleed rear brake.

Fit a chain, I've got a couple of used ones kicking around so hopefully they'll be fine with this nearly new cassette. Someone threw away the chain from this drivetrain.... Don't leave shizz next to the parts washer for weeks on end. Lesson learned....? No probably not.

Re-tape rims and fit new valves.

Set up gears.
Think I'll run full length of gear outer. The idea is to commute on this.

I should probably clean up the brake mount and braze-ons and spray a bit of paint or something protective on.

See how it goes with this bar. I've fitted it for fun really. It was originally intended for my GT, but I've not managed to get the seatpost out of that yet.
I'll probably fit something more sensible, especially for commuting, as it's 13 miles into the dales.



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Retaped the rims yesterday, in between stints of polishing the wife's headlights, so she can see.
You never know. They might even hold air, although my taping isn't always great.
Also, new reserve valves..... 👌🏻 2nd set of wheels I've fitted them to now and even with my old low volume track pump (that has an air exhalation akin to that of a dying pug), they went straight up!


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It's Alive!
-Tyres held air fine.
-Rear brake mount is still a work in progress, I need to work out the correct mount. Luckily we have a mahoosive box of spares at work. Should be IS +20 I reckon but t'aint... Go figure... 🤔
-Rear brake needs a bleed still but mysteriously works ok despite missing a fair bit of fluid.
-The shape of these level calipers don't like the front IS-Post mount that much but a few washers gave clearance
-Mech hanger bent, so will straighten tomorrow.
-Chainline sucks. Need either a shorter (110?) BB, or a bunch of chainring spacers. Or both! Really doesn't like the low gears.
-Chain too short, but on test ride, I didn't go into lowest few gears for this reason, in addition to previous point.
-Needs more purple. Has anyone got a 30mm seatclamp and skewers going cheap? Maybe even a headset at a push...?
-Saddle angle needs sorting, but it's one of those 2 bolt jobs where you can't adjust the front bolt once the saddles fitted. I feel the bolt isn't original. Just needs a bit of faffing but not sure I dig the layback anyway.

First impressions after a quick 10pm lap of my locale... Loads of fun! Comfy, twitchy, but not too much. Fast, solid. Very, very solid.
The bar is crazy wide. I feel it's going to suit my commute.
Need to sort these issues out with gears and brakes then I'll give it a proper ride up'dale.
I've been told I need to fit a beverage holder to the bar... Coffee for the ride in, beer on ride home. Not a lot wrong with that idea!
I'll get some better pics when I can.
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