90s Raleigh M-TRAX race 100


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This is my recent addition to the ever growing bike stable.

It's a 90s Raleigh M-Trax race 100.

Nothing too special but it is pretty much brand new and completely original, I'm guessing it's been ridden a couple of times and kept in a shed/garage somewhere.

There doesn't appear to be too much information on this range of Raleigh bikes but this is the lowest spec. It is still handbuilt and with Mavic rims, Shimano exage/RSX so not too bad.

One of the toeclips is broken so it needs some new clips/clip in pedals before I can properly take it out.

I've only managed to wash it down and will have to give it a strip down, clean and rebuild.


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I have the 300 and 400 frame sets, cracking frames they ride really well the only difference was the groupset, looking at yours it has different frame tubing,(I never realised that) they are from the mid 90s, enjoy it.