Raleigh M-Trax 3000-TL, any info?


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Hi! Very much a newbie, I was just seeing if anybody had any info on the bike I’ve just bought!

Wanted something to nip to work on which is only down the road and also do the odd, very light, off-road track with the family. Couldn’t see me on a gravel bike, but, I then fell down the glorious rabbit hole of retro builds.

Scouting around on ebay, I found myself buying a Raleigh M-Trax 3000-TL. All titanium, came with RS Judy XC forks which were shot so I put the original forks on that came with it. That’s until I can find the pennies for some Marzocchi XC700’s which I’ve fallen in love with.

Can anybody tell me anything about this bike though? I know the tubing was produced by Imperial Metal Industries in Birmingham, I think. I just can’t find many details on this particular model, if there are any. If anybody knows any details then I would love to know. Have browsed brochures but I just can’t see this particular one. Serial number starts with a K. The guy I bought it off said it was from 1996, it was his Dad’s before who sadly passed. Think he just trundled to the pub on it and back, which makes it even better in my eyes.

Anyway, just thought it was worth asking. Thanks very much

Edit: I'm blind, serial starts with F. .


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Interesting. M Trax is from Raleigh's murky mid 90's period when it lost focus, marketed products poorly, damaged the brand and accelerated it's own decline. Although some might argue it was on the cards some time before then.

If the serial number begins with K that would make it a 99 not a 96, but there may be a bit more to the story of your bike.

(Serial numbers began with A in 1990 and then ran through to L in 2000 when production in Nottingham ended.)

If it is a K serial number then what you may have is a warranty replacement frame, which is not unusual and no bad thing. Raleigh would often replace older models under warranty with current products and then add decals and / or paint to create a similar looking frame.

M-Trax were done as a product range after 96. They evolved into RSP for 97 until 2000*. Yet you have a 99 frame with (I've only glanced at the photos) what appears to be 95ish components.

They are great riding frames, although some find them a bit stiff for titanium. I would recommend putting suspension forks on it if you intend to do any rough stuff otherwise you will find it a bit harsh.

*anything marketed as a 'Raleigh ' after 2000 isn't, as I see it, really a Raleigh. It's kind of like what MG the car manufacturer is now, just disingenuous brand marketing with no connection to the heritage.
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I am so sorry. I have just looked at the serial number again to make sure, with my better reading glasses this time, and it actually starts with an F! What a plonker... So that actually tallies with 95 like you said.

Yeah, I do find it a bit stiff. Went over a bump on the canal path and think I crushed a couple of vertebrae in my neck. When funds allow I'll invest in some forks. Thing is, the stem needs to be 25cm, bit of a mare.

Thanks for the info. Just can't seem to find anything about this model. But at least I know it's 95 now.
Nice find and looks too have been lightly used / looked after - I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

I have the '97 version of this frame which I ride rigid and enjoy - it's nice that you'll have the choice of both ways though!
I have been thinking about keeping it rigid. But I'm hitting 50 and need a bit of comfort. I'm considering a suspension stem, one of the new ones, like the Redshift Shockstop. That might be going against the whole retro thing, but if it looks good and smooths things out a bit then all good.
Are you not tempted to rebuild these? I'm sure you'd find resources/ knowledge here if required. They'd look awesome on your bike and deal with the comfort issue.

I think you've won the star prize with this purchase!